Easy Italian Recipes

We made our Italian inspired dishes healthy while still providing comfort. If you’re looking for easy Italian recipes, look no further! You will love recipes like our  Creamy Pea Crostini or our Pizza Stuffed Spaghetti! Or, try our very popular homemade spaghetti sauce or olive oil dipping sauce.

We especially love one pan pasta recipes! Try our pasta amatriciana, chicken marsala pasta, or vegetarian orzo with sundried tomatoes.

And of course, we don’t discriminate against cold pasta! Try some of our pasta salads: caprese pasta salad, grilled ratatouille pasta salad, or bruschetta pasta salad.

If you’re looking for sauce recipes, we have those covered as well! From classic pesto sauce to arrabbiata sauce, to salad dressings such as Italian dressing, you are on your way to a complete meal in no time at all!