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Pop Rocks Hot Cocoa Bombs

Pop rock hot cocoa bombs will rock your hot chocolate world. You’ll experience tiny explosions of fun as the pop rocks are released into a warm creamy strawberry drink.

Overhead view of colorful hot cocoa bombs in a glass container.

White hot cocoa bombs, colorfully decorated with pink and purple drizzles, hold a big surprise. Instead of chocolate hot cocoa, these bombs are filled with strawberry milk powder. And even more surprising, hidden inside are the unique fizzy exploding candies called “Pop Rocks.” So much fun! 

Decorated hot chocolate bombs, with pop rocks and marshmallows.

What happens when you pour hot milk over these Pop Rocks bombs? The colorfully decorated vanilla spheres begin to melt, releasing delicious pink strawberry milk powder, Pop Rocks, and mini marshmallows.

Milk being poured over a white chocolate hot cocoa bomb.

And then the fun begins! The warm drink turns a beautiful shade of pink, Pop Rocks start popping, and mini marshmallows bob to the top. You’ll enjoy the excitement and drama of these fun hot cocoa bombs. The bombs are a really fun gift idea, too.

Strawberry hot "chocolate" in a white mug.

Once the bomb casing has completely melted, stir everything up, and sip on this sweet, smooth, and creamy warm beverage with marshmallows. Oh, so good!

Overhead view of a white mug with a purple colored beverage and marshmallows.

About these fun hot cocoa bombs:

This recipe makes six bombs. You’ll need a half sphere silicone mold for six hot cocoa bombs. The diameter of each bomb is just over 2 1/2 inches. The molds are available at stores like Michael’s or Walmart, or you can order one from Amazon.

Hot chocolate bombs made with white chocolate, in a decorative jar.

Here’s a quick explanation of how to make these bombs. The complete instructions are in the recipe card below. You’ll need a microwave oven to melt the candy wafers.

Each bomb is encased in a white vanilla flavored casing. After you’ve melted the wafers, use a pastry brush or the back of a spoon to completely cover the molds. Once the candy hardens, remove the shells from the molds. 

White candy melts painted into a half-sphere mold.

Decorate the outside of six shell halves with pink and purple drizzles. It’s easy to do. Simply pour the melted candy into a baggie, cut a corner off, and squeeze it over the outsides of the shells. Isn’t that so pretty?

Half sphere chocolate molds coated in drizzles of pink and purple candy melts.

Spoon strawberry milk powder, Pop Rocks, and mini marshmallows into the other six plain halves.

Pop rocks hot cocoa bombs being assembled.

Now it’s time to put the halves together and seal them up. Warm a plate in the microwave and set an empty top half on the warm plate to just slightly melt the edges. Join it to a filled half and run your finger around the edges to complete the seal. That’s it! 

Two images of hot cocoa bombs being sealed.

You might think these are too pretty to eat! They taste as good as they look, though, and I bet you can think of a special someone who would love to receive a prettily wrapped hot cocoa bomb, especially during the cold winter months. The bombs are fun and delicious!

Two side-by-side images, one of a cocoa bomb in a cup and one of purple colored hot chocolate in a mug.

What’s in this recipe?

  • White Vanilla Melting WafersGhirardelli’s is a great brand to use!
  • Pink and Purple Candy Melts – We recommend using Wilton candy melts. You could use any color you want, though!
  • Strawberry Milk Powder Drink Mix – This recipe uses Nesquick – This will give the fun pink color! Want to use traditional hot cocoa? Go for it! Keep in mind it will affect the final color of your beverage.
  • Pop Rocks Candy – This is such a fun twist! If you have children, they are going to go nuts over these bombs.
  • Mini Marshmallows – Because what’s hot chocolate without ‘mallows?
Overhead view of ingredients needed to make hot chocolate bombs, candy melts, pop rocks, and marshmallows are included.

How to make these your own:

  • Pop Rocks come in a variety of colors and flavors. Choose which one you like. 
  • Change the color of the outside of the bomb (to match your Pop Rocks or a special occasion) by choosing different colored melting wafers. Candy Melts come in all sorts of colors.
  • Rather have regular hot cocoa? I get that! Try homemade microwave hot cocoa or this easy hot chocolate reecipe (with lactose-free option!). Or you can make these hot chocolate bombs with melted dark or milk chocolate and fill them with dry traditional hot chocolate mix.
  • Looking for a hot drink with a little kick? Try a Hot White Russian or Stout Hot Chocolate.
Mug of purple cocoa with marshmallows, hand holding handle of mug.

Storage Tips

The bombs don’t have to be refrigerated. Wrap them well and store them up to two months.

Giving Hot Chocolate Bombs as Gifts

For gift giving, there are lots of decorative packaging ideas on Pinterest. Craft stores and Amazon have fun labels and containers you can buy. Or keep it really simple. Wrap each bomb separately in plastic wrap or cellophane, and tie the top with a pretty matching ribbon. Include directions for how to use the hot cocoa bomb. 

Pink, white, and purple chocolate spheres in the foreground, jar of more in the background.

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