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Pumpkin Streusel Bread Recipe

This pumpkin streusel bread starts with a healthier base and is topped with the most irresistible streusel! It’s perfect for fall…and beyond!

Image of pumpkin streusel bread, shot from above, bread is still in loaf pan on cooling rack.

Streusel is a magical thing, isn’t it? It makes everything 10 times better, at least in my humble opinion. Would you rather have a blueberry muffin or a blueberry muffin with a sweet, crumbly streusel on the top? I’d choose the streusel…and if we’re being honest, I’d probably just eat the top.

The same goes for this pumpkin bread. It’s really great without the streusel, but with the streusel, it’s next-level delicious. 

Image of sliced pumpkin bread with a streusel topping.

About this Pumpkin Streusel Bread

This pumpkin bread is based on my original healthy pumpkin bread and also similar in many ways to the recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I cut down on the sugar that is used in the original recipe for two reasons.

The first is that the bread is really great with reduced sugar and it’s not completely necessary (don’t get me wrong, though, it’s delicious!). The second and main reason is that the streusel topping also includes sugar, so it adds another great layer of sweetness. 

The bread itself uses no oil. Instead, it gets a ton of moisture from both the pumpkin and the addition of Greek yogurt. 

The streusel includes some butter, but trust me, it’s necessary. 

This pumpkin streusel bread starts with a healthier base and is topped with the most irresistible streusel! It's perfect for fall...and beyond!

How to freeze this bread:

This bread freezes well, just like most quick breads. The streusel may lose a little of its crunch when it thaws, but it will still be delicious. Sometimes I freeze this as a whole loaf (usually if I’m in a hurry), and then I’ll thaw it at room temperature before I slice it.

Other times, I slice this before popping it in the freezer. That way, if we’d like, we can take out one slice at a time and warm it in the microwave or toaster oven.

Both methods work great! I love that this recipe makes two loaves…whenever I can do the work once and get twice the results, I’m a happy lady. 

Image of pumpkin bread with streusel, slice with butter spread on it.

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