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Pickled Vegetables – spicy or not!

Crisp and tangy, quick pickled vegetables are so easy to make. Enjoy them as an irresistible (but healthy!) snack, side, or relish.

Mixed vegetables in a glass jar with liquid.

A piquant blend of carrots, cauliflower, radishes, onions, and jalapeño with zesty garlic, this quick pickle is definitely a winner. You’ll find yourself reaching for the jar in your refrigerator for a quick nibble throughout the day. Pickles are very, very low calorie but extremely high in taste.

Pickled vegetables are popular in so many cultures, and rightfully so. Almost any vegetable can be preserved, and a multitude of spices and savories can be added. Think of Italian giardiniera, Japanese pickles with miso, or curry spiced Indian pickles. They taste and look drastically different yet share the same basic method of preservation.

Don’t be intimidated by pickle making. Refrigerator pickles are the easy way to make pickles. No canners, crocks, or soaking! Fifteen minutes is all it takes!

Two light pinkish red cocktails garnished with blood oranges, on a tray.

Blood Orange Martini

Serve this gorgeous martini at your next celebration or make one just for you. You’ll discover that a blood orange martini is always welcome....