Braised Lamb Shanks

Today I’m guest posting for my friend Brandy over at Nutmeg Nanny. Brandy has been so good to me, helping me learn the ins and outs of WordPress and the food blogging world. And I’m going to continue to drive her nuts with my questions, because I still have a lot to learn! When she asked if I would guest post for her while she was on vacation, I jumped at the opportunity to not only help her out, but also to share a great recipe with her wonderful readers. So head on over to her site and read about these fall-off-the-bone lamb shanks, they are delicious!

Click here to see recipe!

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  1. So glad you posted this! It is amazing! I can just taste it now and actually wish I was tasting it right now! Wow- the perfect meal for dads for father’s day. So making this for the hubby! Love the flavors and the photos are picture perfect!

    Hey- did you see my olive oil giveaway- would love for you to enter if you like it!

  2. Rachel, These lamb shanks look so tender and falling off the bone! I have to admit I’ve never made these; tho I really love lamb. I’m definitely tempted now!

  3. That my dear, is a lovely, lovely meal. :)

  4. Hi, Rachel!
    Nice to “meet” you — I’m visiting from basilmomma’s blog hop! I enjoyed reading some of your No Recipe Posts, as well as your recipes! :)
    Take care,
    Kimby (aka okielicious)

  5. This is a wonderful guest post and you have introduced us to a delicious recipe!

  6. Thank you for doing this for me. You’re a gem :)

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