Grilling Recipes

From grilled pizzas to kabobs, from delicious potatoes on the grill to grilled stuffed French toast (!), you’ll find an exciting variety of recipes here.

Want an easy recipe for grilled salmon? Got it! Like the taste of wood-fired pizza? Try making pizza on the grill. It may not be a wood-fired oven but it sure tastes like it. 

Wish you could make dessert on the grill, too? Try grilled fresh pineapple served over your favorite ice cream, topped with bourbon caramel sauce, a fabulous ending to a summer time dinner! A homemade pudding pop would be perfect, too!

And chicken! There’s nothing like marinated chicken done on the grill–so juicy and flavorful! I have a collection of eight great marinades for chicken, including tequila lime (think Qdoba!), ginger garlic soy, and an easy beer marinade.

More of a dry rub kind of cook? Try this versatile BBQ rub on pork chops or ribs, chicken, or salmon. Make a jar of dry rub to keep in your pantry and it’s ready when you are. Just sprinkle the BBQ rub on the meat of your choice, rub it in and let it do its magic while the grill preheats. You’ll get loads of flavor and a nice crispy coating on your meat.

Make a bowl of creamy coleslaw in the morning or this easy orzo pasta salad to round out the meal. Throw some garlic bread on the grill and you’re good to go.