This list of 9 easy and delicious recipes for chicken marinades will save you from boring chicken all year.

This list of 8 easy and delicious recipes for chicken marinades will save you from boring chicken all year.

Grilling season is beginning, right? Michigan has been playing games with us, but I’m pretty sure this is happening at some point. 

We grill chicken breasts more than anything else, and it’s really a must to marinate the chicken before you grill it. A non-marinated chicken breast is not only flavorless and dull, but it’s also drier and just all-around not as tasty. Some of the chicken marinades on this list are for thighs or drumsticks, but all of them will work on any part of the chicken. 

My go-to recipes on this list are the Greek marinade and the shish tawook marinade, but they’re all terrific! The balsamic marinade is super popular based on the reviews, and I also really love the honey mustard chicken marinade. If you like spicy, sweet, honey-based, or tangy, there’s something for you on this list. 

Most of these marinades can marinate overnight if you want, but I recommend all of them marinate at least 1 hour (in your fridge!). You can find specific directions if you click through to each post. 

Tips for getting extra flavor from Chicken Marinades:

  • The obvious one is to marinate longer, up to overnight.
  • I like to butterfly my chicken breasts or cut it in cubes and skewer it. This gives the marinade more surface area to infuse flavor, and it also helps the chicken to cook more quickly.
  • Place chicken with marinade in a zip-top bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. This will ensure that all the chicken comes in contact with the marinade. 

Check out all the chicken marinade recipes below!

Which one are you making first? I can’t wait for grilling season to be in full swing! 

Chicken Marinades

Whatever you're in the mood for...whatever you have in your fridge...there are chicken marinades for you! Find the perfect recipe on this list.