Roasted Radishes – How to Roast Radishes

Learn how to make roasted radishes (it’s easy!) and you’ll come back to them constantly as a new go-to side dish that everyone will love. Even those who don’t love radishes!

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Carrying on with the roasted vegetable obsession, I bring you roasted radishes. I know, you’re falling into one of three camps right now:

1) I hate radishes, goodbye.

2) I love roasted radishes!

3) HUH? Roast? Radishes? Weird!

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I have something to say to each of you.

1) For you radish-haters: Wait! Don’t leave! My husband hates radishes too but he loves these.

2) For you who are reading this thinking, duh — roasted radishes are the best: Woohoo! Let’s be friends. PS: How do you make yours?

3) For you who have no clue what I am talking about: Read on. Your life is about to change.

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About These Roasted Radishes:

Radishes — tossed with a bit of olive oil, honey, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and stuck in a hot, hot, hot oven — become the tastiest little morsels. It’s no secret (far from it, actually) that I love roasted vegetables. Remember when I showed you how to roast broccoli? We eat that roasted broccoli at least once a week. But I of course don’t discriminate against cauliflower, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, squash, or any other vegetable under the sun. Even Brussels sprouts! It’s all fair game. (PS: Make sure to check out my full list of roasted vegetables!)

The other night…this was my dinner: Sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, radishes, onions, and a Killian’s. It works, right?

I cooked a couple of chicken breasts for the other members of my family who prefer to have meat with dinner. Everyone is happy!

If you want to make these roasted radishes into a complete dinner – try this crispy chicken thigh sheet pan dinner!

I shared how to roast radishes over on Food Fanatic so you can head on over there for the Roasted Radish recipe or you can carry on and find it here too!

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So, I’m dying to know….what is your favorite vegetable to roast?

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  1. No raw radish fans in my house, but this week we had some veggies left over from a raw veggie platter which contained some radishes. I was throwing a pan of veggies in the oven to roast and I thought, what the heck, I’ll see what roasted radishes are like. I feel that we have now proven that all veggies are better roasted. What a revelation. So mellow and delicious. All the radishy flavour without the bite. Yum.

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  3. Roasted radishes are great! Just wanted to disagree with the earlier comment that “Honey is apparently essential to suppress the slightly bitterish taste of roasted radishes.” I roast radishes two ways — either tossed with butternut squash seed oil and seasoned with dashes of cinnamon, cumin, coriander and sea salt and pepper; or tossed with EVOO and seasoned with thyme, sea salt and pepper. Roasting brings out a natural sweetness in radishes. Honey would surely be good, but it is not essential.

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  5. I usually sauté my radishes but I have a bunch ready in the garden now & am roasting other root veg for a dinner party tomorrow so in they go!

    I’d love that no-mayo radish-salad recipe, too!

  6. I love roasted radishes!!! I found a no mayo potato salad recipe and replaced the potatoes with roasted radishes. It was amazing!

  7. I made these tonight! I have never had roasted radishes but I am trying to increase my vault of veggie recipes. This recipe is AMAZING! I could have eaten all of them! Thank you!

  8. I am in the LOVE roasted radished camp, glad I’m not the only weirdo out there! Looking forward to trying your recipe with some fantastic black radished I found at the store. Yum!!!

  9. Like you, I adore pretty much any roasted vegetable. One of my absolute favorites is roasted asparagus. They’re quick, delicious, easy, and their crispy heads are almost as good as a French fry. BTW, I can’t wait to try roasted radishes!!

  10. Since we’ve been doing a CSA for a few years now, I’ve come around to radishes and actually like them! We roast them sometimes too – but not with honey! Love that addition. Will have to try your recipe, for sure.

  11. It took me a long time to like radishes….mostly because the only way I had them when I was growing up was raw and sliced in a salad, and my salad I mean a bowl of iceberg lettuce. Thankfully a lot has changed (including ditching the iceberg). Love me some roasted radishes!

  12. I’ve been roasting radishes for a while now, but never quite like your recipe. I definitely want to try it as you’re completely right… roasting this vegetable gives you an entirely new appreciation for it! I do love just eating them with butter and salt though. So good!

  13. I love radishes, but I have never ever considered roasting them. Now I totally need to try!

  14. I love radishes but never thought about roasting them. Will have to try; wondering if daikon would roast (the Japanese giant radish). Love to roast shelled Edemame (butter, pepper, salt). Though I suppose it’s a bean and not necessarily a true veggie.

  15. I love radishes, but I’ve never had them roasted–will have to try it!

  16. Yes! Roasted radishes – thanks for reminding me. I like them raw too. My mom always put them in our salads as kids.

  17. So, I don’t like radishes, but I LOVE roasted veggies. Definitely trying these!

  18. What the whaaa?!!! I have been living under a rock apparently because I have never roasted radishes!!! I am SOOOOO trying this!! Thanks gf :)

  19. Honestly, I’m sort of indifferent to radishes. I’ve never heard of roasting them, but…um…I’m in! Roasted vegetables are The. Best. I believe you!

  20. I love roasted veggies too…best thing ever. My fav is Brussels sprouts!

  21. I LOVE roasted radishes! I am okay with a few raw radish slices on a green salad if they are already there–I never add them myself. Too…bitterish? Anyway—I had read the previous article about them, so I picked some up on impulse while shopping for other veggies to roast. That first time, I put the radishes sort of by themselves on one end of the pan thinking I could easily get rid of them if they were too bitter or overpowering for the mix. OMGoodness! They were delicious! They are NOTHING like they are when raw! They are mellow and blend right in–one of our favorites now.

  22. I too love roasted vegetables , but I have never tried ( or even thought of ) radishes. I would not have thought of adding honey. For me roasted vegetables are good twice, as a main dish and as a snack while watching tv and enjoying a glass of wine and cheese. I will be adding radishes to my next shopping list.

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