Start your day right with quinoa pancakes, an easy pancake recipe made with quinoa for extra protein and nutrition.
Large, messy stack of pancakes.

I’m a big breakfast person. I usually have two eggs, toast, fruit, juice and coffee. Sometimes I have oatmeal with ground flax, dried cranberries, fresh or frozen blueberries and toasted walnuts. So yummy.

It is important for me to eat a big breakfast because sometimes I don’t get a chance to eat lunch until about 3 PM. That’s one of the reasons I love this recipe from Everyday Food magazine. These pancakes are a good way to add protein to my breakfast, a breakfast that will stick with me well into the early afternoon.

My mom came to visit and made a version of these, and they are really good! I stick a little closer to the recipe than she does. However, next time I make these I’m going to try them with whole wheat flour, or maybe half whole wheat and half all purpose. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m always adapting recipes I find, too, just like mom.

Quinoa pancakes are easier to make in the morning if you have the quinoa already made. I always make a big batch of quinoa and freeze it for later use. Try it freezing cooked quinoa yourself, it’s such a timesaver. You can use it for these pancakes, or apple quinoa pancakes. I love quinoa power pancakes, too. 

Cooked quinoa is great in salads like Kale Quinoa Salad with Walnuts, Cranberries, and Feta or soups, like Creamy Turkey Soup with Quinoa.

Close up view of pancakes
This pancake recipe came with freezing instructions. Frozen pancakes are so helpful for hubby to grab as he is running out the door in the morning. I wasn’t sure how reheating them in the toaster would go. I thought that maybe the microwave would be better. However, I heated three of these in my toaster oven this morning, and wow! It was like they were fresh off the skillet because they were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Delicious.
Pancakes in a freezer bag.

You’re going to love these pancakes. They are different from your typical pancake because there is a little bit of a crunch from the quinoa. The pure maple syrup gives the pancakes a really nice flavor.

My dear husband tells me, “I prefer IHOP with chocolate chips and strawberries and whipped cream.” That’s my healthy hubby! No really, he is a bit of a health nut. When he wants to be. Aren’t we all?