Hubby is an assistant principal and is chaperoning prom tonight. So while he is dancing the night away in his three piece suit, I’m trying to stay up until he gets home around midnight. That sentence is so laughable–hubby doesn’t dance, especially not at work in front of his students. He’ll be standing, like the military man that he is, scaring kids into behaving with a strict look on his face. And there is no way a very slim chance that I’ll make it to midnight.

In the meantime, I have a very yummy cookie recipe that I bet you didn’t think I was going to post today. I didn’t think I would post it today. We had swim lessons and I’m exhausted! I have to shave my legs, pack a bag, get her in her carseat, drive there, get her stroller out of the trunk, get her out of her carseat, put her in the stroller, get her in a swim diaper, plastic pants, her bathing suit, put my bathing suit on, swim for 45 minutes, dry her off, put on a fresh diaper (on her, not me), put on her dry clothes, put on her hat, wrap her in a blanket, put her in her stroller, dry myself off, get myself dressed, walk out to the car, get her in her carseat, put the stroller in the trunk, drive home in rush hour (45 minutes!), get her out of the carseat, bring her in the house, nurse her, get her undressed again, bathe her, get her dressed again, feed her solid food, and then feed myself! Hey mom, was that a run-on sentence? Anyways, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but I promised you a cookie recipe and I shall deliver.

Actually, I’m going to direct you to The Recipe Girl because it is her recipe and I made no changes to it. So head on over there and check it out. **Oops, I did make one change: I didn’t have any Dutch-process cocoa powder, so I used my unsweetened cocoa powder and added 1/4 tsp of baking soda.**


Verdict: These were delicious! They had such and interesting texture, fudgy on the bottom, but meringue-like (crispy, fragile) on the top.
Husband’s take: Ate two, but then decided that they were too sweet. Don’t worry, I ate the last cookie on his plate. It didn’t go to waste. They are very sweet (perhaps it is the 3 cups of powdered sugar) and are better eaten in small portions.
Changes I would make: Next time, to try and cut the sweetness a little, I think I would either throw in some nuts, or some espresso powder, or even a little cinnamon. Oh, and I would make them a little smaller.
Difficulty: Easy.

I just love this picture and wanted to share. :)