Turkey Wraps

This was another lunch kick I was on for awhile. Quick, easy, healthy. It is also extremely versatile. It is more of an idea, rather than a recipe. You can take it and run with it, any way you like. Vegetarian? Sure, why not? More meat? Go for it. Want it warm? Throw it in a panini press. Or you could throw in the microwave, but don’t cheat yourself. The crispy wrap or tortilla with be worth the [tiny bit of] extra work.
This would pack up really well for a school or a work lunch. Just keep it on ice or in a fridge. I’m not a fan of food poisoning.
Turkey Wraps
tortilla or wrap bread (I used a whole wheat tortilla)
chive and onion cream cheese (I used reduced fat, surprise surprise!)
deli turkey
sliced cucumbers
leaf lettuce
sliced avocado
Spread tortilla with cream cheese. Add meat and vegetables. Roll up, secure with toothpick (optional), enjoy!
Possible alternatives:
1) Switch out the cream cheese for hummus. Flavored or original–either would be delicious!
2) Swap out the turkey for some white beans or garbanzo beans.
3) Add in thinly sliced red peppers (I want to do this, umm…right now).
4) Add in shredded carrot.
5) Add in thinly sliced red onion (raw onions–not for me–but if it is your thing, go for it!).
6) Swap out the turkey for leftover roasted or rotisserie chicken.
7) Swap out the turkey for any meat you love.
8) Try it on this bread.
9) Grill briefly on panini press or George Foreman grill until heated through and tortilla is crispy.
The possibilities are endless. What would you do to personalize this?
When you make a recipe from my site tag it with #RachelCooks!
I love to see what you're creating!


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  2. That looks so refreshing right now! What an easy lunch idea.

  3. Oh what great ideas you guys have! Love them!

    Brittany–I definitely cheated in that department and had Jimmy Johns a few times while I was preggers :)

  4. I love turkey wraps like this! I'd maybe sub the avocado for apple!

  5. Cream cheese does add such a flavor punch- YUM! Plus, I love anything with cream cheese.

    I will say, hummus is a good topping, too. So many options. I miss deli meat and look forward to a turkey sandwich every now and then come September :)

  6. I love lunches like these. I go through phases of bringing the same thing to lunch and try to jazz it up a bit each time. I think a cranberry spread would go great with this!

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