Yesterday was beautiful. Michigan always has a surprise up her sleeve. We went for a long walk and walked to the grocery store (love having it right next door). I didn’t want to come in! Then when I did come in, it was so hot in our house. We get all the afternoon sun and it turns our place into a sauna. Proof:

Bad cell phone photo.
It still reads 80 and it is only 63 degrees outside. Oh well, at least we save on heating costs. It is very windy today. Completely different than yesterday, which is another joy of Michigan. Ha, not so much! This warm weather calls for a cool refreshing drink to sip on.
I didn’t give her any. Today she tried parsnips–loved them!
Fruit Slushie
frozen bananas
frozen strawberries
fresh pineapple
orange juice
honey (optional)
Blend until smooth.
Not too difficult. Of course, you can use fresh bananas (not frozen), as well as strawberries, but then you’ll want to throw in some ice cubes for a nice thick slushie. You could also substitute just about any fruit you like, but this is a great flavor combination. I didn’t put exact amounts in the “recipe” because it is really up to you. Add more orange juice if you like it thinner, I made mine quite thick.
That is definitely not one of my husband’s nice dress shirts! Well, at least not one that he wears anymore :)
Verdict: Very good. Hits the spot on a warm day. Can’t wait for more warm days!
Husband’s take: This one was all for me. I offered him some, but he declined.
Changes I would make: None.
Difficulty: You tell me. Can you press a button on a blender?