Roasted chicken made simple! Enjoy a savory chicken dinner, including vegetables, baked in one pan with only 15 minutes hands-on time.

Perfect for quiet Sunday dinners at home and impressive enough for company, simple roast chicken is an easy and delightful entree. Envision golden brown, juicy chicken emanating garlic and herb aromas, surrounded by sweet roasted carrots and onions. Imagine the smells coming from your oven as the chicken slowly roasts!Roasted chicken in a stainless steel pan with lemon, onions, and carrots.

We’ve all been tempted to pick up rotisserie chickens at the supermarket, and they are super convenient, but why not make your own? Roasting a chicken is not difficult, it’s more economical, and yes, you know I’m going to say this, homemade is so much better! Have you noticed how salty a rotisserie chicken tastes? I think they inject them with preservatives and probably artificial flavor, too. And who knows how long they’ve been spinning in that glass case?

Once you’ve roasted a chicken at home, you’ll see how easy it is and how much better it tastes. Plus you get the bonus of veggies roasted right along with the chicken! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

About this roast chicken

I’ve seen some complicated roasted chicken recipes (butter/herbs under the skin, tying the legs together, etc), and I’m sure they are great, but this is a great go-to roasted chicken recipe. I adapted this recipe from Real Simple: Meals Made Easy.

About the only equipment you’ll need is a roasting pan. I’ve also used a Dutch oven or a large straight-sided skillet. A 9 x 13 inch cake pan works, too. If you can fit the chicken and vegetables in without totally crowding them, you’re good to go.

Prepare the chicken by rinsing and drying it with paper towels. Drying is important because it will ensure a nice crisp skin. Season the outside of the chicken and inside the cavity with salt and pepper. Stuff lemon halves and fresh herbs inside the chicken. That hole in the chicken is just made for that, right?

Rub the skin with softened butter. Nestle the chicken in the pan with carrots and onions, cut into big chunks, and a few cloves of garlic. All of this prep shouldn’t take you much more than fifteen minutes, just enough time to get the oven preheated.

Pop the pan into the oven and roast your dinner for about an hour and a half. Get ready for wonderful smells as the chicken slowly roasts to perfection. If you want, make mashed potatoes in your Instant Pot. Or why not bake potatoes in the oven with the chicken? A salad would be great, too, maybe this simple arugula salad or Caesar salad.

A roasted chicken dinner will serve four to six people, depending on how hungry they are and what else you’re serving.

What’s in this recipe?

  • a whole chicken, about three and a half to four pounds
  • one lemon
  • herbes de Provence (a dried herb blend), optional
  • fresh herbs (you can select from parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, use a variety or just choose a couple)
  • butter
  • garlic
  • carrots
  • onion

Make this recipe your own

This is such a simple recipe but you can easily make changes, depending on what you like or happen to have. If you want, add a couple of diced potatoes to the pan and roast them along with the chicken. Or add a couple of parsnips, cut into chunks. 

Add whatever herbs you happen to have. Woody herbs work better than softer herbs, like basil. If your garden is filled with sage, use a bunch of that. A mixture of herbs is nice because you get a lot of exciting flavor.

If you don’t care for garlic, leave it out. If you love garlic, add more.

Make ahead tips

If you have extra time in the morning, prepare the chicken and vegetables, put them in the pan, and refrigerate it. It’ll be all ready to pop in the oven when you get home. 

Storage and reheating

Leftovers should be stored in the fridge. Cooked chicken will last a few days properly stored. If there’s a lot left, cut the chicken into smaller pieces so it cools more quickly. 

Reheat gently in the microwave or in the oven, covered, until warmed through.

Roasted chicken on a white plate with carrots and onions.