These black bean brownies are a treat that you enjoy with a little less guilt! No one will even notice that they include black beans. 

Brownies made lighter using black beans! Get the black bean brownie recipe on

Sounds weird, right? If you haven’t tried beans in your baked goods yet, you’re missing out.

Never thought I’d utter those words, but it’s true.

Puree the little suckers and they help make the most moist and delicious brownies — with added protein! Can’t get much better than that, right?

I’m the resident “snack fanatic” over at Food Fanatic where I originally shared the recipe for these black bean brownies. I love being the snack fanatic because…well…because I love snacking.

And when healthy snacking tastes decadent, we all win. PSST: You HAVE to try this healthier deep dish chocolate chip cookie!

Brownies made lighter using black beans! Get the black bean brownie recipe on

Black bean brownies may sound extremely unappealing, but I can assure you they are phenomenal. You will not notice the black beans in these, I promise.

I put this to the test on my mother-in-law. Now, she usually turns her nose up at my healthy meals and any attempts to make things healthier, lower in calories, or more whole-grain.

It’s not that she doesn’t like that we try to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not that she isn’t grateful that I’m trying to keep my family healthy and well-fed. It’s more that she’s just a meat and potatoes, white pasta, white bread kind of girl.

I should also add that she eats and appreciates most everything that I make and is always very willing to try new things. And like me, she has a sweet tooth. Especially when it comes to brownies and cupcakes. When they said they were coming over for dinner, I knew I was going to make these brownies and put them to the ultimate test. I told my husband about my evil plan and got to baking.

I pureed the beans and got out the cocoa powder. I left the eggs in the fridge. I left the oil in the pantry. I pulled the whole wheat flour out of the fridge and left the all-purpose in the pantry. I got the chocolate chips out though, because let’s be real, they were necessary. I also grabbed some espresso powder to deepen the flavor of these and really bring out the taste of the chocolate.

Mixed it all together and baked them in what else but a 350 degree oven. Set them on a cooling rack and quickly got rid of all evidence.

Keep in mind that I’m a terrible liar. I mean, really, really terrible. So my mother-in-law comes in and I can barely wait to shove a cold glass of milk into her hands with one of these moist, rich black bean brownies.

She tastes them and barely finishes saying, “These are great” before I blurt out, “They have black beans in them!”

I think her exact words were, “Really? Wow! I’d still eat another one even though I know that.”

But she didn’t. Minor details, really. These brownies are phenomenal. Try them, you’ll see!

And don’t worry, my husband and I didn’t let these go to waste. They disappeared all too quickly. Thank goodness for the reduced calorie content!


Head on over to Food Fanatic for the Black Bean Brownie recipe or read on to find it here.