Cooking Tip: Freezing Quinoa

Freezing Quinoa

If you like quinoa, or if you have tried these pancakes, freezing quinoa will make your life much easier. Cook a whole bunch of quinoa as directed on the package, cool, and seperate (I recommend measuring into one or two cup increments) into freezer bags. That’s it! I believe I cooked two cups of dry quinoa for a yield of approximately 8 cups cooked quinoa. The pancake recipe calls for one cup, but I doubled it…so this would a lot of pancakes! You could have some warm quinoa with fresh herbs, a bit of lemon juice and olive oil as a side for dinner and freeze what ever is left. Then, when you get the craving for hot quinoa cakes in the morning, just remember to throw a bag of frozen quinoa in the fridge to thaw overnight. This eliminates the longest step in the process of making the pancakes. I am all about saving time. If you’re making quinoa, might as well make a bunch, right!?! It would be fine revamped into a side dish as well; I don’t think it loses much flavor or texture in the freezing process.

I like to squish mine flat for space saving in the freezer.
Have you tried this? What is your favorite quinoa recipe?
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  1. I find that quinoa freezes with no texture changes at all. It’s good to be used hot or cold after thawing, which is much better than rice.

    Rating: 4.5
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  7. Hi,

    Can I ask if i could do the same for millet? Thanks!

  8. Hi, may I ask how do I thaw frozen quinoa besides using microwave? Can I just leave it to thaw on the counter? Thanks!

    • I usually just thaw mine overnight in the fridge. You could definitely do it on the counter though for a few hours. Microwave should work too, actually! :)

      • Hi Rachel,

        I am just wondering if I could do the same with millet (cook a batch> freeze it> thaw on counter top)?


  9. I’ve been freezing brown rice and googled to see about freezing quinoa – glad to see you’ve tried it and liked it!

    I’m single so cooking for one, and I freeze my brown rice in 1/2 cup servings using 4 oz mason jars. Going to give that a try with the quinoa tonight!

  10. Oooooh, what a great tip! I make dishes with quinoa ALL the time but have never thought to cook it, freeze it, and have it ready when I want to use it. Brilliant. Thanks!

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  13. Yes – freezing grains is a great tip. Whenever I make too much rice and put it in the fridge it gets dry and inedible. I only recently realized “duh – sometimes I buy frozen rice, why not freeze my own!”. Once I re-heat it, its soft & fluffy again!

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