Remember when I wrote a guest post for Brandy over at Nutmeg Nanny? Well, I am so happy to have her here today to return the favor. And what she made looks delicious and perfect for a warm summer day. Thanks Brandy!

Hi everyone! I’m Brandy from the food blog Nutmeg Nanny. I’m so excited to be guest posting for Rachel today.

Do you remember the Bill Cosby Pudding Pop commercials from the 1980’s? I used to love them. He talked me into loving pudding pops and pudding in general. I sadly haven’t seen pudding pops in the store in a long long time. I’m not sure if they do not sell them anymore or if they are just not available where I live. That’s when I decided that I had to make my own. The best part is that you can make whatever flavor you want! I only had two boxes of Jello in the house so I didn’t have a large selection. However, I think I made a delicious choice – seasonal release Jell-O classic turtle. It’s a blend of chocolate, caramel and pecan flavors. It made an amazing pudding pop :)


Homemade Pudding Pops:

one 3.4 ounce box instant pudding – any flavor
2 cups milk or half & half – the higher the fat content of the milk the creamier the pudding pop

In a large bowl mix together pudding and milk until just combined. Working quickly (so the pudding does not get thick) fill molds and freeze.

A small box of Jello instant pudding made 4 1/2 pudding pops.