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10 Parenting Tips -- Because we all need a little (or a lot) of help. - Find them on RachelCooks.com

We recently moved, as you all know. I was super excited to find out that a young couple lives next door — they have a daughter who is about a year old. The other day, I was on my deck taking a picture of a recipe I just created and she happened to be taking out her dog.

So, I felt as though I should explain that I’m not just some weirdo taking pictures of my food on my deck. Even though I am.

I told her about my blog and she asked “How do you do it all?”

Gooooooood question.

Side note: Now I’m not only the weirdo who takes pictures of my food on my deck but I’m also the weirdo who talks about my new neighbor on my blog after I told her about my blog. So she’s probably reading this. Hi Julie!

Her question is a good one though and one I’m sure many people consider. Maybe it seems like I have it all together (hahahaha, not true.)

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When Fisher-Price* asked me to talk about my tips for parents it was a little hard to narrow things down.

I’m going to break it down for you — my top 10 tips and tricks for parents. Keep in mind that this list is by no means exclusive. There are thousands of things that can make parenting easier. These are ten that have helped me survive the last four years.  

10. Have fun. Dance around like a crazy person in your living room to your daughter’s favorite song — even if that same song makes your ears bleed. Be a human jungle gym. Sing at the top of your lungs. Let your kids see a goofy side of you that is reserved just for them. Basically, act like a kid. They’ll love it and I guarantee you’ll both end up laughing. 


9. Tuck away some toys in a closet. They don’t have to be new toys. Any toys. Then, on a rainy day or when you’re sick with a cold or something, pull out these toys. The kids will feel like they are getting new toys and you’ll get 10 minutes of silence. Maybe even 20! Or give them a graham cracker. That always buys me a few minutes too.


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