Orange Creamsicle Buttercream with Vanilla Beans {+giveaway}

I’m back with ANOTHER vanilla bean recipe. I just cannot get enough. And this time, I get to share the love! Vanilla beans for everyone!

Or just one of you.

Whatever. Let’s not get lost in the minor details.

One of my favorite childhood drinks was a homemade Orange Julius. We would make them at home with frozen orange juice concentrate, milk, sugar, ice, and vanilla. The vanilla is what makes it special.  My mom suggested doing a vanilla bean Orange Julius with the fantastic vanilla products that Beanilla sent me, but I wanted to do something a little different. Now, I realize that it might be a little confusing that I am talking about and Orange Julius and calling this Orange Creamsicle Buttercream but they have the same flavors and I feel like that and Orange Creamsicle is more recognizable.  Am I wrong? Do people know about Orange Juliuses? Julius’s? Julius’? Juliui?

Now I’m confused and in need of a grammar lesson.

Getting back to the point, I kind of love taking fantastic flavors and making them into a buttercream. This would taste amazing on cookies, cake, cupcakes, but….I’ve  been busy. Little E loves graham crackers, and really, who doesn’t? I always have them on hand, and they caught my eye while I was making this frosting. It was the perfect little treat and the graham crackers worked great because they aren’t too sweet, which is a good thing with a super sweet frosting.

I used vanilla bean paste for this recipe. If you’re not familiar with it–here’s what Beanilla has to say about it:

“We are all familiar with vanilla extract, the most popular flavor in the world. Now we offer the same full-bodied vanilla flavor with a unique twist: the addition of the distinctive vanilla seeds in a rich concentrated paste. Use vanilla bean paste’s thicker viscosity to flavor cakes, puddings, cookies, custards, icing, frostings, whipped cream, ice cream or anywhere the flavor and appearance of vanilla bean is desired. Using vanilla bean paste saves the effort of scraping the seeds from the whole vanilla bean.”

To sum things up, it’s the cat’s meow. I was new to it, but I love it. I love to see those little vanilla bean specks.

Orange Creamsicle Buttercream

1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
4 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon orange zest
2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
2 Tablespoons milk or cream

1. In a large bowl, blend all ingredients except milk together using an electric mixer. Add milk in one tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is reached.
2. Spread on cake, cupcakes, cookies or graham crackers. I made a half batch, but make the whole thing if you want to do a cake or a full batch of cupcakes.

Verdict: Love, love, love.
Husband’s take: He loved it too. I was surprised, because he’s more into all things traditional. I told him how shocked I was that he liked it, and he said “Well, don’t get me wrong, I like plain vanilla frosting better.” He was probably worried that my next concoction would be really off the wall.
Changes I would make: None.
Difficulty: Easy!

Update: Winner has been chosen! Congrats to purplelarkspur! 

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: ONE winner will receive the vanilla paste used in this recipe PLUS 5 Madagascar vanilla beans, 1 Tahitian vanilla bean, a bottle of Beanilla Blend 2-Fold Vanilla Extract and a 2oz bottle of almond extract. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and the prize will be shipped by Beanilla.

To enter (REQUIRED): Head on over to Beanilla’s website and let me know what product looks most interesting to you. Please include a link. (PS: Seems like these comments are getting marked as spam, so if you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry! I’ll fish it out of the spam folder.)

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Disclaimer: I received free products and was compensated for this post but all opinions of the vanilla are 100% my own. As always. I’m really crazily in love with vanilla beans and Beanilla is the only place I buy them. 



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  1. Hi,
    You said you made a half batch of this orange buttercream. How much did the half batch make? I’m looking for a small amount… like 1/2 cup or so for on a small 8×4 loaf.

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  8. I love frosting on graham crackers – and this just takes it over the top!

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  16. Vanilla Heaven!! I LOVE anything vanilla. I have actually never tried the paste, so I think I would like to try that. Of course, having some nice vanilla beans would also make me a happy camper too. I love using them. After I scrape them for a recipe I always put the “used” pods in the sugar bowl and flavor up my table sugar. mmmm.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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  21. I love vanilla extract and the Vanilla Extract Sampler looks like something I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase:

    Thank you for doing such a fabulous giveaway! I’m happy to have gotten to know you! :)

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  32. vanilla sugar would be an awesome addition to cookies and stuff!

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  35. I haven’t done much baking with vanilla beans (I’ve always wanted to, but cost prohibits) so I think their vanilla bean sampler is the most interesting
    That way, I could try the different kinds for myself and choose a favorite!

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  42. What a delicious giveaway. I love to try the Tahitian Vanilla Paste:

    I always bake with vanilla extract or vanilla bean and never use vanilla bean paste before…sounds delicious and intense. I would love to try these to explore more.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

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  52. Orange ExtracT sound different

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  85. I don’t know why I’ve been intimidated by vanilla beans, but I’ve avoided them. So the vanilla bean paste actually sounds the most interesting to me.

  86. I love frosting on graham crackers – and this is such a great frosting! Love the combination with the orange.
    I have never used vanilla paste before, so I would love to try it

  87. Saffron has always piqued my interest. Not sure how or what to use it for.

  88. My husband is the same, preferring classic flavors. So frustrating! lol. I’m interested in the beanilla vanilla beans because it is their special blend to get perfectly balanced beans. Sounds good to me!

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  120. I’ve done it all but I’ll just leave this one comment…how I love Orange Creamsicles! They were the treat I most coveted when the ice cream man used to come around and now I want to make this. Funny…my FAVORITE way to use frosting is on a graham cracker. Yum.

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  123. I have been SO wanting to try using vanilla beans but have been unwilling to ‘test’ at the price of the beans! If I could, I would love to try an assortment and see how they were different!

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  127. I know Orange Julius! Hubby and I went shopping last weekend and he had a craving for Orange Julius so we indulged. I always loved the Orange Creamsicle pops. I would like to try the vanilla sugar.

  128. OMG OMG OMG I’m so so so excited about this give away and it’s international too :) WOO HOO!!!

    I love orange flavoured desserts ~ so I’d love to try this buttercream!

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    The product that’s more exciting to me is!!!
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    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize Rachel!

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  134. They make vanilla fleur de sel?! Crazy. I’d love to see what that’s all about.

  135. Hm, I’d probably want to start with a sampler so I can figure out which vanilla I like best (or which ones are best for which recipes).

    Excited to try this. I found vanilla paste a few weeks ago at the store and haven’t had anything to use it in yet! :)

  136. i went right to the saffron!
    would love to win this giveaway…you can never have enough vanilla in your life ; )

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  176. i would LOVE to try the tahitian vanilla sugar ( i make my own but something tells me that this one is much more flavorful and aromatic than mine ;)

  177. Honestly, the paste is exactly what I want!

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  217. That’s so funny… Last night I told my husband I was missing Orange Julius {how do you make that plural}! We lived in ATL for a few years and they were everywhere. I’m also a buttercream LOVER. So I’m all over this recipe. My kids and I thank you! :-)

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