Healthy Blueberry Strawberry Muffins

Today I’m guest posting for Kelly of Eat Yourself Skinny. Kelly is another 27-year-old foodie who writes about healthy and delicious recipes. I love her blog which is newly designed and looking fabulous! Head on over there and check out my muffin recipe. It’s a great use for all the fresh berries this time of year.

Click here for the recipe!

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  2. Whats the trick to make muffins light and fluffy as opposed to dense? I live in hot Florida so that may be part of the problem but do you have any pointers?

    • My only tip would be to make sure you don’t over-stir. Just mixed until the ingredients are combined. Good luck! (Hot Florida might be part of the problem, but lucky you!)

  3. On my way over but have to tell you what a great photo this is!

  4. I found your recipe on Kelly’s website and really liked it. The muffins look amazeful! Hope it will be cooler soon and I will start using my oven again:-)
    I’m your new subscribe and fan:-)

  5. Hi Rachel, Lovely guest post. I’m a bit horrified at the amount of fat in those whole grain muffins you mentioned. Your blueberry muffins are so much healthier – and sound so much more delicious!

  6. Yay! So fun doing a guest post with you! The muffins look delicious! xoxo

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