This Oreo Popcorn is so full of Oreo Cookie goodness — you won’t be able to stop eating this delicious popcorn.

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Every time I post a new popcorn recipe, I struggle a bit about what to say about it.

It’s not because I don’t love popcorn — I do love popcorn (clearly).

I just want to say:

I love popcorn!

This popcorn is so good!

Make this popcorn!

Be obsessed with popcorn like I am!

Oreos! Oreos! Oreos!

Or something along those lines.

But that’s a little dull. And a little obvious.

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But really — this is pretty self-explanatory, is it not? I mean…OREOS. POPCORN. Oreos and popcorn!!!! Popcorn and Oreos! What more needs to be said, really?

And this popcorn has double the Oreo cookie love. I crushed some up so that each piece of popcorn is fully coated with cookies and cream but I also left plenty of mini Oreos whole. They got coated with white chocolate along with the popcorn to create a cohesive cookies and cream treat that you won’t be able to stop snacking on. The mini Oreo cookies are the perfect size to hang out with the popcorn — bite sized, perfect for tossing a handful in your mouth.

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So, if you love Oreo cookies and you love popcorn, you’ll obviously love this popcorn. Duh.

This Oreo Popcorn recipe was originally posted on Food Fanatic but you can also find it here!

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Verdict: Oreos. Popcorn. I think you all know how I feel about this.

Husband’s take: Oreos. Popcorn. Is there a husband out there who wouldn’t love this?

Changes I would make: NONE!

Difficulty: Easy.


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