Dark Chocolate and Pecan Cookies

These soft, chewy dark chocolate and pecan cookies are a more sophisticated version of the traditional chocolate chip. They’ll quickly become a favorite.

Dark Chocolate and Pecan Cookies on RachelCooks.com

I feel like I haven’t posted a cookie recipe in a long time. Maybe I got burned out during the Christmas season with all the cookies during that time. But don’t you worry. Cookies and I are BFFs. Best. Friends. Foreeeeeever. Or until my skinny jeans start getting tight. Then we might need to put a little distance between each other. But don’t worry, cookies. I’ll see you around soon.

When Katie (of Katie’s Cucina) asked me to help her out with a guest post, I immediately said yes. You see, Katie’s busy. She just had a baby!!! The last thing she needs to be doing right now is blogging so I am so thrilled to be able to help her out. She needs to spend ALL her time snuggling her new little cutie. And little Ryder is so, so, SO cute! Head on over to Katie’s site to meet Ryder — he has the sweetest little face!

Dark Chocolate and Pecan Cookies on RachelCooks.com

Kind of makes me want to have another one.

Oh wait. Puking for 9 months straight? Never mind, I’m good.

Maybe Katie will let me snuggle with Ryder so I can get my baby fix. In the meantime, I made cookies. Back the cookies, yes. These cookies quickly shot to the top of my list of favorites.

First of all, they are super thick and soft — one of my favorite cookie attributes. Secondly, dark chocolate. Thirdly, crunchy, flavorful pecan. And what I think makes these cookies really special is the touch of cinnamon. It complements the chocolate and pecans just perfectly and makes these cookies slightly more interesting and sophisticated than a plain ol’ chocolate chip cookie.

Dark Chocolate and Pecan Cookies on RachelCooks.com

Head on over to Katie’s Cucina for the Dark Chocolate and Pecan Cookie Recipe!

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  1. Dark chocolate and pecans is SUCH a great combo. These cookies look absolutely perfect!

  2. I LOVE how thick and puffy these are. Also, nuts and cinnamon in my chocolate chip cookies are two musts for me!

  3. This recipe is great!! I love cookies like these 馃檪

  4. Another gorgeous way to eat dark chocolate. *Love*
    Have a beautiful day Rachel!

  5. What a great recipe for Katie’s blog. I’m always up for cookies. So no more babies??

  6. These cookies look gorgeous! I love the idea of pecans too, we never have ‘pecan anything’ in Australia and we are totally missing out!

  7. Thank you again for guest posting for me. Today is the first day I’ve gotten on the computer since Ryder came into our lives! It feels good and now I’m ready to bake cookies. 馃槈

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