Summer Pasta Salad

It’s a super easy recipe.

"Love that there is chicken in this! I’ve been meaning to make a pasta salad post soon – thanks for the reminder :) So refreshing and summery!"


• Farfalle • Cucumber • Bell pepper • Tomatoes • Radishes • Salami


Watch the video tutorial for full step-by-step instructions!


This Summer Pasta Salad takes 30 mintues to make!

Cook pasta al dente according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water. Drain well.


A good sharp knife and big cutting board is very helpful. Cut the vegetables the way you like to eat them. If you like teensy small pieces, go for it.


The salami and cheese should be cut into pretty small pieces. Since you’re not adding a ton of it, you want it to be pretty evenly dispersed throughout the salad.


Stir in the dressing and the parsley. Taste the salad and check for seasoning. Add more dressing if it seems dry. 


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