Pickle Roll Ups With Ham

Easy to make!

Easy to make and popular with most everyone, pickle roll ups (pinwheels)  are a fail-proof appetizer. Pickle roll ups with ham are perfect for lunchboxes, too.

• tortillas • cream cheese • ham • pickle


Pinwheels are a simple appetizer or snack, they can be made ahead, and are easy to customize.

Why you’ll love it

It’s easy to customize and substitute different ingredients. You can get pretty creative with these.

Spread approximately 1 tablespoon softened cream cheese on each tortilla, going nearly to the edges.


Arrange ham on each tortilla. Place pickle spear on one edge. Beginning at the pickle side, roll tortilla up tightly.


Tightly wrap each roll individually in plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight.


Slice into 1 -inch pinwheels to serve.


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