How To Make A Lemon Twist

It's so refreshing!

That fancy lemon twist, frosty sprig of rosemary, fancy cocktail cherry, fragrant green mint leaf, or juicy orange wheel just ups the appeal, doesn’t it? It feels like a party!

• Lemon


A curl of citrus is decorative and adds flavor complexity to your cocktails.

Why you’ll love it

Add an elegant flourish to your homemade cocktails with a citrus twist. Learn the simple technique of how to make a lemon twist.

Wash lemon thoroughly. Cut a slice of lemon (width-wise, into a circle) about ¼-inch thick.


Cut a small slice in one spot and carefully open up the circle. Using a paring knife, cut the peel away from the fruit.


Curl the peel around a straw, or just curl with your hands and hold in place for about ten seconds.


Larger lemons will yield more twists and longer twists.


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