Cuban Sandwich Recipe

Crispy and buttery!

"Rachel these were so yummy! We really liked this combination."

- Gin

• Cuban Pulled Pork • Deli Ham • Pickles • Dijon Mustard • Mayonnaise • Cheese • Bread • Butter


The homemade shredded pork makes all the difference in this sandwich.

Why you’ll love it

Crispy and buttery, a Cuban sandwich is so, so good, with succulent homemade pulled pork, deli ham, dill pickles, mustard and Swiss cheese.

Spread mustard and mayonnaise (if using) on all four slices of bread.


On two slices of bread layer: 1 slice cheese, 1 slice ham, pork, pickles, 1 slice ham, and one slice cheese, in that order. Top with remaining bread.


Butter outside of sandwiches or spray with non-stick spray.


Grill in panini grill, pressing down firmly, until golden brown and cheese is melted.


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