Soccer season is in full swing, and E is playing every Saturday and practicing every Tuesday. Which means I spend an hour every Tuesday and Saturday trying to entertain N while simultaneously watching E play. It’s a blast. Part of that time is usually spent snapping selfies like the one above.

I’m still going strong on Whole30 (hopefully, I’m writing this a few days before it publishes). Today is day 25! I’ve only wanted to quit for 24 out of the 25 days.

The latest recipes: 

New video alert: I published a video for my sheet pan Hasselback Chicken with Spinach and Artichokes – check it out to see the recipe in action!

Ready to get cozy: In this sweater. If Michigan ever delivers on fall.

Or, we could keep summer going: With this pretty top. Which is on sale. And would be great for layering. Just sayin’…

Comment that’s making my heart happy: Tirzah made my Bacon Cheddar Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust and said, “I love this recipe so so much! I have made tons of recipes for my boyfriend over the years and this is the ONE recipe he always asks for. Well done!”  So glad you both love it! Reminds me that I should make it again. PS: I have a video coming for that recipe!

Great fall recipes I want to try: 

So cute for laundry rooms: Anything to find those lost socks, right?

Good reminders in this day and age: I think there are a few gems on this list.

Popcorn Recipe I NEED: Smoked Salt Caramel Corn…dying over this!

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Too early? Honestly I need all the help and head start that I can get. These timers are so fun and so convenient. They’d not only be great for cooking, but they’d also be great for kid related stuff. You know, “Sit on the couch and don’t talk to your brother until the timer goes off.” Not that I ever have said anything like that, because my kids are clearly perfect.

Similar but different: I also love this time blocking cube. It’s fun and looks cute on your desk. Time-blocking is so helpful when you’re trying to get a ton of work done! My kids love this timer too, because the way it turns on and off is super fun and kind of genius.

Need to find a place in my house: For this mirror. I know it’s a popular one right now, but I just love it.