apple trees

That picture is one corner of our property the other night when we got home from going out to dinner one night. I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by apple trees. Even though our grass is frequently covered with apples. What do I need to do to get the deer to come eat them? I can’t believe it’s already apple season. What happened to the summer? Didn’t it just start? E started school already and N will be in preschool in a couple of weeks. I have mixed feelings about that. Mostly about having to wake them up TWO HOURS EARLIER than they’ve been getting up. Help.

Just looking at our calendar makes me feel tired, but it’s also a really fun time of year. I think, ha! We have some birthday celebrations, E plays soccer, there are lots of football games to go to, and then of course there are all the other fun fall activities. And cider and doughnuts. Scarves and sweaters. I can handle this. Maybe I should buy some cute fall shoes to help me get in the spirit.

Anyone have kids that haven’t started school yet? How do you plan to spend your last few days of summer vacation?

If you missed it: New on the blog the past couple week sare this Walnut Crusted Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner – perfect for busy school nights and these Raspberry White Chocolate Blondies – easy to make, and totally irresistible! Also this breakfast wrap, which is the stuff dreams are made of.

Looking to meal plan this week? Here are some things I hope to make (or remake!) this week:

Ben would never go for it: But I love this welcome mat.

Perfect to transition to fall: These shoes are SO cute (and on sale!).

Comment that’s making my heart happy: This week, Lacey made 5 Ingredient M&M Peanut Butter Bars and said, “I have made this recipe 5 times and I just love it. This is my new go to recipe. I have been asked for the recipe and already have a birthday request in for this to be made. I make it with either mini m&ms or mini choc. chips. And I also under bake it a few minutes. Thanks for the recipe.” I don’t ever make this recipe anymore because of my kids’ allergies so I’m so happy you guys are still enjoying it!

For my home: Artificial flowers are always a gamble, but I have better luck with artificial greens and succulents. I love the fall colors in this arrangement.

Also for my home: I kinda like this chair but I’m not sure about the fabric. Also, would it be comfortable or awkward?

Just read: Into the Water. I need to discuss. Anyone read it? It’s pretty dark but it’s definitely one you don’t want to set down.

Sort of gross: We have well water and when we moved into our house, a couple of our toilets had rings from the minerals in the water. It always annoyed me because no matter how hard I scrubbed, our toilets always had a dirty appearance. I FOUND A SOLUTION. I know I’m probably not the only one with this struggle (right?), so here you go! It has a funny name which makes this a little less weird to share, right? It’s like a magic eraser, but for your toilet. It works miracles.

Have a great weekend, guys! Any plans?