Okay it has been FOREVER since I wrote a What’s Poppin’, so I figured it was due time I check in with all of you. And share a picture of my kiddos, because aren’t they SO CUTE?! I can’t believe how quickly they’re growing…someone slow down time, please.

We’re full-on into the busy spring season. If you’re new here, my husband is a high school principal, and spring is insane. Last weekend we had a pancake breakfast and a fundraiser gala. This weekend we have a jazz band concert, PROM, and maybe another something? I think Ben has something to go to Saturday morning, too. Before we know it, graduation will be here. Except I think they’re going to school until June 19th because they’ve had so many snow days. He works all summer anyways, so it’s not too entirely different, but it’s still kind of crazy.

Other than that craziness, we also did a food challenge for my son, N (he’s six now)! He’s allergic to sesame seeds, peanuts, and tree nuts. We were pretty sure he wasn’t allergic to sunflower seeds, but we wanted to have him tested in the safety of the allergist’s office to be sure. It’s a long test (we were there for almost four hours), and a very anxiety-inducing one. It’s scary, especially for a little one (but his mom, too), to eat something that he may or may not be allergic to. Especially since both of my kids know how serious their allergies are and how careful they have to be. I was proud of how brave he was after working through his initial fear and nervousness. The good news? He’s not allergic to sunflower seeds. The bad news? Now he’s supposed to eat them once a week and he hates them. I’m confident I can find a way to incorporate sunflower seed butter, in a way he’ll like, though. I hope.

Here’s what’s poppin’…

Currently Binging: I’m always a day late and a dollar short with TV shows, but I’m finally watching Friday Night Lights on Amazon Prime. Loving it!

Online Shopping: Always…here’s what I’ve bought and loved lately.

  • These Paint by Sticker books (great for car rides, etc) – my kids love them, and they keep them busy for a long time!
  • Also for my kids – this ball. Okay I put this in my daughter’s Easter basket and they both LOVE it. As in love it so much that I’ve already taken it away twice because they fight over it so much. So I guess buy at your own risk if you have more than one kid? Or buy more than one…
  • This organizer and also this one for my bathroom. So much tidiness! Makes me so happy.
  • This diffuser for my car – I like to keep a bottle of peppermint essential oil in my car and I put a few drops on this diffuser and it makes my car smell so good. Peppermint also is great for keeping you alert and awake while driving. I love it! 
  • This highlighter – I’m also late to the highlighter game, but I love how glowy it makes my face. 
  • These shoes from Zappos. Don’t tell anyone that they’re Dr. Scholl’s. They’re cute and comfy and I don’t care! I have them in two colors now. The latest color I bought was the black python. 
  • These baskets – I put them in my laundry room! I use one for my wool dryer balls and the other for the lonely socks that lost their mates.
  • Bought this one awhile ago, but I am still loving how this bench looks in our basement. It’s so perfect!

Currently listening to: John Mayer & Khalid, Ciara, Marshmello & CHVRCHES (cannot get enough of this song), Lorde, and Eli Young Band.

Currently Eyeing:

  • This adorable Chips & Salsa Diet sweatshirt!
  • This coffee maker…I’ve heard such great things about it. I mean we have a perfectly fine coffee maker…but…an upgrade never hurts, right?
  • This darling door mat that my husband would absolutely hate.
  • I’m constantly asking coffeeshops for sleeves because I drink coffee black and it’s super hot to hold on to! I love this custom reusable coffee sleeve…I might order one right now! What should I have engraved on it? I’m thinking my logo would be super fun! 

Recipe Ideas for Cinco de Mayo: Of course I have a ton of them, but here are a few that are at the top of my must- make list…


That’s all for me….tell me what’s new with you! I love hearing from you here, via email, or on Instagram