Hey guys! I wanted to squeeze in a quick what’s poppin’ post because I feel like we haven’t chatted about random stuff in awhile! I want to hear what your plans are for this long Memorial Day weekend – leave them in the comments or send them to me on social media…I love hearing from you!

The weather is supposed to be nice here in Michigan, so I’m looking forward to this long weekend! We’re going to a BBQ at my in-laws tomorrow. Sunday we’ll probably lay low after church, and then Monday, Ben is Grand Marshall for the Memorial Day parade in the city where he is the high school principal. It’s such an honor and I’m so proud of him. He’s giving a speech afterwards too! We’re going to walk or ride along with him in the parade…what should I wear????

Also, N had his last day of preschool this week (that’s what the picture is of). I can’t believe my baby is going to be in KINDERGARTEN next year. I can’t handle it.

For our gym: We wanted kettlebells but didn’t want to buy a lot of them — found this and we love it!

The most beautiful vegetarian cookbook: I met Alex and Sonja at an event in Detroit and I was smitten with them – they are the nicest, most fun people! I ordered their book as soon as I got home and it’s just as wonderful as they are. Highly recommend!

For my allergies: You guys. I was doing a Whole30 to see how it affected my horrible seasonal allergies but I fell off the wagon in a BIG way. I’m also trying essential oils. I’ve been diffusing a combination of lemon, peppermint, lavender, and copaiba. I’m not sure if you’re into oils, but I’ve been really loving them lately. My house smells amazing and I’m starting to be convinced that they actually work! I also use a roller made with wintergreen, peppermint, cypress, lavender and copaiba for my allergies. I’m not going to get in depth about it, but if you’re interested in hearing more about how I make the roller or how I use oils, shoot me an email!

Nordstrom is having a sale: And I went a little crazy. I really need some new short-sleeve tops and I found these on sale (okay fine, they’re not all short-sleeve tops…)

  • I love the back tie detail on this sleeveless shirt
  • This one looks so comfortable and would be cute with cuffed jeans
  • Super girly, and only 17 bucks!
  • Not sure my body is where it needs to be (I should say, where I want it to be!) for this dress, but we’re gonna find out!
  • Okay this is a sweatshirt, but it’s just so darn cute! I picture slipping it on when nights get a little crisp.
  • This looks like a nice, basic, go-to tee.
  • I like that this one isn’t a full cold-shoulder, but it still has a cute little shoulder detail.
  • Got this too….apparantly I went on a little shopping spree…

Okay I also got these on sale on Zappos! They’re only $48.

Last Minute Memorial Day Recipes: