Hi friends! I hope you had a fantastic week! The photo above is from the food blogging retreat I hosting in New Buffalo, MI a couple of weekends ago. The wind was blowing so strongly that day that my wine glass almost flew off the railing, but every time I look at that photo, all I feel is peace. It was such a gorgeous house on Lake Michigan — the perfect relaxing getaway to learn from each other and grow friendships. Lots of laughs were had and I can’t wait to do it again!

It’s really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away! I’d love to hear what’s on your menu! Leave it in the comments or shoot me an email! I’m always looking for new ideas, we typically host my family and Ben’s family.

Comment that’s making me happy: I’m starting with this today because your comments make me SO happy and you’ve been amazing about leaving comments lately – I’ve gotten so many great ones! Sylvia made my easiest macaroni and cheese (people love this one on Thanksgiving!) and said: “I tried this recipe last Wednesday and it’s Tuesday and I’m making it again! My granddaughter is a finicky eater and she absolutely loved this Mac and Cheese. As a matter of fact everyone did, and it’s so darn easy, even for me! Thanks for the recipe!”

Help! Looking for new jeans. I’ve been buying Kut jeans but they aren’t as tight at the ankle as I like, and not always long enough (I’m 5’10”). Any advice? One of my friends recommended Paige jeans…

Holiday clothes: Dying over this dress for my daughter and cannot get enough of this sweater for N.

Recipes around here – if you’ve been out of the loop, here’s what you missed:

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: I think I mentioned it before, but this year we’re doing one big present for the kids and stockings. I always end up going a bit crazy with presents. I’m pretty sure gift giving is my love language which at first I hated admitting, but I am who I am, you know? It also means I’m pretty decent at giving gifts….if I do say so myself. I put a lot of time and thought into giving the recipient something they’re really going to love. Wrapping it? That’s a different story. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies (hint, hint, Ben!):

Feminine for the holidays: I love this shirt…or this one — so many fun ruffles!

Last minute Thanksgiving ideas:

Intrigued by: This toothbrush! Does it work as well as a normal toothbrush? I’m so confused.

I hope you all have the BEST Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for your support and that you come here and hang out with me on THANK YOU!