Today’s pancake comes from Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie. Her pancakes were the first that came through my inbox and I was blown away by her creativity! These are so fun! However, this isn’t Meaghan’s first brush with creativity, she has loads of amazing stuff on her blog. Most of her recipes feature step-by-step tutorials and she has even authored a book! To get an idea of what Meaghan is all about, check out these beautiful cookies, fun marshmallows, darling cupcakes, and cookie pops and party ideas. And from the sound of it, we might be seeing more decorated pancakes on her blog in the future. I can’t wait!


Thank you to Rachel for inviting me to the Pancake Party! I love a good party, and I love the challenge of working outside my usual medium. I decorate cookies, marshmallows, cupcakes, cake pops… but never pancakes. I know there are those with crazy pancake decorating skills that put these bugs to shame, but this was new territory for me.

Just like my four year old sees the world, I had to fit making decorated pancakes into my existing known parameters. (Anyone who has heard a four year old try to explain unknown phenomenon via their own known logic understands this. For example, the food we eat travels and fills up our legs to help them grow, of course.) So I applied cookie decorating logic to the pancake and just treated the batter like royal icing. I have to get over the need for perfection and total control, though, because pancake batter is runnier than icing. Not to mention the whole changes-when-cooking thing that royal icing avoids.

The result? I found a new hobby. I’m already envisioning the pancakes I’ll make next… Exactly why I relish challenges like this. Thank you, Rachel!!


how to make decorated pancakes

step one: prepare and color your batter

Prepare your favorite pancake batter. (I make a mean homemade pancake, but for this trial and error exercise, I just used a mix.) Divide the batter into bowls and mix in food coloring. I was surprised to get vibrant colors from only a drop or two of my trusty Americolor Soft Gel Pastes. I used Super Black, Bright White, Red Red, Egg Yellow, Leaf Green, Electric Green, Sky Blue and Electric Pink.

Then I scooped the frosting into disposable decorating bags (find at the craft store), tied closed with rubber bands, and snipped about 3/8 to 1/2 inch from the tips.

step two: make your designs

Spray a griddle or frying pan with non-stick spray, then spread the spray around the pan with a paper towel. I usually use butter for pancakes, but I was afraid the butter would mar the final image and I wanted a smooth cooking surface with no bubbles or pools of oil. Do not turn on the heat yet!! Pipe your designs on the griddle (see below for how-tos), THEN turn on medium heat. Heat the pancakes for several minutes until cooked mostly through. Carefully flip and cook briefly on the front side. Flip back over to the front side and transfer to your plate. Serve with a little bowl of warmed maple syrup for dipping.


how to pipe the designs

TIP: Don’t pipe the designs too big, stick with just a few inches across so they are easy to flip.

For the worm, pipe five dots with lime green. Pipe two white dots on top of the green, then two small black dots on top of the white. For the flower, pipe a yellow dot. Pipe five dots in any color around the yellow dot. Then pipe a stem and leaf with green. For the bee, pipe a yellow bee shape. Add two white wings above. Pipe a black dot for the head and black stripes on top of the yellow. For the dragonfly, pipe five small dots in any color, then pipe the wings in any color. For the ladybug, pipe a red oval. Pipe a black dot for the head at one end, then pipe black dots on top of the red.