Today’s “a day in the life” is Megan of Wanna Be A Country Cleaver. Super sweet, super nice and crazy talented.

And she used to be a lumbarjack. How cool is that?!


Tell me about yourself and how you started food blogging.

I started food blogging as a way to fill my time during the week while my boyfriend (now husband) was working 300 miles away. My affinity for baking started when girls were typically playing with dolls, I was more content in the kitchen honing my chocolate chip cookie making craft. The whole things stuck and then I figured if there was a way to chronicle and write about my baking and cooking misadventures, I should do it. Like a baker’s daily journal where I get to doodle the names of my favorite chocolate chips names instead of my 7th grade crushes…

Take me through your day.

      • 4:30 Wake Up. Yes, seriously. I’m fully aware of how crazy it is.  Shower, get dressed.
      • 5:00 Walk the Dog, breakfast with English muffin and two scrambled eggs with salsa
      • 6:30 – Start work with a very large cup of coffee, check my e-mail and feed my office desk fish.
      • 9am – Morning meetings, and organize the chaos that is my project. I work in construction and project management on two projects for my county and for Boeing
      • . 11:30 – Gym time with a spin class, or cardio kickboxing., followed by lunch of a double fiber whole wheat turkey sammich and a couple of Red Vines for good measure.
      • 3:00 – Get off work and race home. Shoot photos for a blog post before the light goes down. The Mission Impossible theme song is my life tune. Take Huck for a walk or to the dog park, then go to the gym (if I don’t have any baking projects that day).
      • 5:00 – Scramble to figure out what to have for dinner. I’m better about planning out my blog cooking projects than I am about our daily meals.
      • 7:00 Catch up on writing the next day’s post, or go take a gander at what everyone has cooked up on the interwebs. And spend an little time pinning to my hearts content.
      • 9:00 – Hit the hay. Read, or attempt to read before my eyes slam shut. Lather, rinse, and repeat the next day.

What is your one must-have kitchen tool or gadget?

I think the resounding answer to this from most food bloggers is their KitchenAid mixer – and I am no different. Also, my microplane. And a GOOD set of knives. As a former lumberjack, I can attest to sharper knives (and axes) are safer.

What is the most important part of your day? Why?

The most important part of my day by far is the moment I walk in my door after coming home from work. Ben is there, Huck is waging his tail and it just brings me unequivocal joy to be home with my little family.

What is your LEAST favorite part of the day? Why?

4:30am, because I have to get up and get the grind started all over again. I love my job, but being home and making a welcoming environment for my family is the most important thing to me.

If you could choose one room in your house to spend the WHOLE day in, which room would it be? Why?

In my living room. I’ve got endless hours of rewatching Downton Abbey under my belt and now that Season 3 has come out on Bluray – bring me a platter of noms, my slippers, yoga pants and blankie, cause it’s gonna get all sorts of lazy up in here!

If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and how long would you stay?

I would go to Africa for an undetermined amount of time. I have big dreams of staying in large tents and going on safari day after day. But I wouldn’t say no to the UK, because I’m pretty sure I’d meet Duchess Kate and we’d be besties, for like, evah…

What is your favorite cookbook?

Anything from America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve bookmarked just about every recipe in all the books and I’ve loved learning about the science behind the cooking.

What recipe on your blog are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the Reuben Breakfast Sandwich. It’s probably Ben’s favorite as well. Total man food.


What recipe on your blog do your readers seem to love most? 

I think they love the Rose Ombre cake the most. It was a really fun cake decorating tutorial to do.


What is your guilty food pleasure that you’re embarrassed to fess up to? Kraft Mac & Cheese? Spagetti-o’s? Canned cheese? We promise not to judge!

I’m totally guilty of devouring Nutella with a spoon. I can’t help myself.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in cooking or food blogging?

Do it because you love it. It’s time consuming; hard work, challenging and you don’t go into it to make money. But the benefits of blogging, like meeting some of the most genuine, creative and fascinating people around and getting that one comment that says “I made your recipe and it was AHHmazing!” just means the world.

Who would you like to see featured here in the future?

Lauren Grier – Climbing Grier Mountain

Gina Matsoukas – Running to the Kitchen


Thanks Megan! That cake is gorgeous!

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