2017 reader survey

How fun would it be to sit down over a glass of wine or coffee and chat about what you’re cooking, what your cooking struggles are, and what you love (or hate!) about this website?

What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?

What stands in your way of getting dinner on the table?

Basically, it’s your chance to spill the beans and tell me anything you want.

Anonymously. And quickly.

Of course, you’re absolutely more than welcome to email me any time you want to ask questions or give me feedback, but this helps me more than you guys know! I read all your emails and all your comments, but this gives me really concise feedback and helps me determine what kind of recipes to bring you in 2018. I’m already learning so much – most of you couldn’t care less about gluten-free recipes but are looking to find more 30 minute, healthy recipes with short ingredient lists.

And those just so happen to be my specialty — the ideas are already swirling in my mind.

If you’re reading this in your email or on a tablet or phone, click here to take the survey.

If you’re on desktop, I embedded the survey below, so you can take it right here. Again, the survey is completely anonymous (I can’t see your name or your email address). I appreciate your feedback more than you could ever know!

THANK YOU for being here and thank you for helping me bring you the best content!