I NEED YOUR HELP! It’s that time of year! I’m conducting a short reader survey to get your feedback on what is working and what isn’t working. This is such valuable information to me — I want this site to be your go-to resource for tips, recipes, and cooking inspiration, but I need your help bringing you exactly what you want. By letting me know exactly what you want to see more (and less!) of, I’ll be able to give you exactly what you want in 2018. Click this link to fill out the survey (especially if you’re on mobile or a tablet), or fill out the embedded survey at the end of this post.

Recent recipes — fall is in the air! Check out what’s been cooking lately:

Must-have for parent’s of kids with food allergies: I was sent this book by a publisher and the kids and I love it! It’s written at a great level for lower elementary school children and even toddlers. I love how it handles food allergies with both positivity and seriousness.

Finally gave in: We’re buying E an American Girl doll for Christmas. I picked Maryellen because her tagline is: “I follow my heart instead of the crowd.” Also included in her description is, “I know that if I stay true to who I am and what I believe, the sky’s the limit.” Now, obviously I know this is just an (overpriced) doll, but this is the kind of thing I preach to E all the time. Maybe she’ll listen to her doll. Even though I sorta gave into buying her one because all of her friends have them…but let’s not talk about that double standard, k?

Comments that are making me smile: You guys have been cooking machines lately! So many fun comments, especially on my copycat Panera squash soup and my homemade croutons. Which, for the record, would be amazing together — those croutons are phenomenal on top of soup! Here are some recent comments from the squash soup — it’s so perfect for this time of the year!

  • Ashley said, “This soup turned out amazing! All the flavors are wonderfully balanced. So easy, delicious and comforting!”
  • Cheryl Anne said, “Just made a batch as a trial run for an upcoming catering event. I’m actually on vacation so i just bought frozen butternut squash & it came out perfect! Thanks!”
  • Christy said, “I made this soup Sunday and it was delicious. I topped mine with some crumbled bacon and it was WOW WEE! I totally loved this!!! We have a lot leftover and I don’t want to waste it- can I freeze it do you think? Thank You!” (Answer – yes, it freezes great!)

For my house: I love these timeless pillows. I also love this throw. I don’t know where I’d put them, but I still want them. Also kinda want this tree but I’m not sure I can talk Ben into it. We’re starting our basement remodel this month (finally!!!!). My designer is sending over drawings in the next couple of weeks, can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Song I’m obsessing over: Can’t get enough of this love song.

Bought from my salon: This primer that claims it will help you blowdry your hair in HALF the time. And I have a lot of hair.

2017 Survey — thank you again for your valuable feedback!