A lot has happened in the last couple weeks! E started first grade, I started Whole 30 (help!), and N starts pre-K today! It’s been a whirlwind with school events and football games and all that goes with it, but school is off to smooth start and I’m grateful for that.

We squeezed in one last ice cream stop before school and Whole 30 started, too!

Since I’m on Whole 30…you should eat all these things for me:

Did a little Old Navy shopping this week. Went in to get N new pants, buuuut I got a few things for myself too. I got three super cute shirts and can’t for the life of me find them online! I almost got this one and this one, but didn’t.  But you know, after looking online for those shirts, I did find another cartful of stuff to buy E. Oy vey…

If you missed it the last couple of weeks, I shared:

Probably can’t pull them off..but these jeggings would be fun to wear.

Comment that’s making my heart happy: This week, Patti tried my fun Fruity Pebbles Bars (did you see the new video for those?), and said: “How am I 34 years old and have never had Fruity Pebbles?! Just made these with my toddler and I’m LOVING them!” So glad you liked them, Patti!

On the hunt for fall clothes — what do you guys think of this top or this top?

Loving: This light. It wouldn’t go AT ALL in our home, but if you have a more modern design, it’s so cool! And it’s super on sale!


Also…I GAVE MY POPCORN POPPER TO MY MOM YESTERDAY. You guys, I did it. I took the leap. I’m not shaking from withdrawals yet, so that’s good, right? I can do this, right?