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As you read this, I’m in NYC! I would say I’m writing this from NYC but you know I took care of this before I left so I can eat all the things in NYC. You guys should see the itinerary. Ben has no idea what he’s in for. Bakeries and restaurants galore! First things first. After we eat, we’ll try to make time to see the sights.

Hopefully, we’ll make it there. Right now they’re predicting lots of thunderstorms and travel issues. Fingers crossed….

Here’s what’s new with me….

New on the blog: Arugula Pesto – it will make all nut-free households rejoice, or anyone who adores arugula! Also, this easy and visually stunning Rustic Polenta Stack. It’s ready in only 15 minutes! 

Craving: Fall clothes. I can’t decide if this sweater is cute or if it would look me look like I was dressed in a paper sack.

Looking to meal plan this week? Here are some things I hope to make (or remake!) this week:

Want: These, for our basement.

Summer isn’t over yet: Love this modest two-piece suit. It could convince me to ditch the one-piece at some point. Maybe.

Comment that’s making my heart happy: I adore hearing when you make my recipes and take the time to come back and leave a comment – it means the world to me! This week, Kelly made my Egg White Casserole with Sweet Potato Crust and said, “This was fun to make and taste so great!!!! Sweetness from the sweet potato crust complimented this dish perfectly.” It’s one of our favorites too, Kelly! 

OBSESSED: With these super fun earrings. I keep things simple usually but these are adorable.

I read this article: 8 Things Kids Need to Do By Themselves Before They’re 13 this week and it really got me thinking. What do you guys think about it? I think it has some great points!

Planning ahead: I always think I’m going to use a paper planner and then I fail miserably. This one might convince me to stick with it.

Might have to increase our basement remodel budget: I looooove this table.

I hope you have a really great weekend! Any fun plans?


PS: The photo has nothing to do with any of this but I got fun headshots taken in Charleston and they need to be used!