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Less work, more fun. That’s what summer is all about, right? Or at least that’s what I propose summer should be all about.

I’m popping in with a new post series called…..


You all know how much I love my popcorn (addict here), so of course popcorn gets a little love in a post series that’s going to be a little this-and-that collection of my life. There are so many times I see something, be it a recipe, a book, or a fun product that I want to share with you guys. Now we have a place. I want you to get to know me a little better and I want to get to know you better! Make sure to leave me your comments telling me what you’re into lately — can’t wait to hear from you!

What’s cooking: This week I shared this mojito milkshake and this healthy broccoli salad — both absolute summer essentials, if you ask me.

What’s happening: I was feeling suuuuuper lazy one day earlier this week but I somehow motivated myself to get going and take the kids to the zoo (that’s where we took the selfie I posted above — I can’t believe I got a good smile out of my little man, usually it’s a pirate face!). I’m so glad we went! It was a beautiful (hot) day, but we had such a great time. The tigers alone were worth the visit! What’s your favorite zoo to visit?

What’s coming up: VACATION! I have a two column, three page, typed list (size 9 font!) of everything I need to pack for a week at the cottage. This is how I stay sane but it’s also making me crazy.

What I’m craving: All the summer recipes! These popsicles on a hot day, these marinated chicken thighs for the grill, this loaded chicken, and one of my favorite salads (especially perfect for the summer). Oh, and THIS PIE.

Facebook video that caught my attention: There are plenty of Facebook food videos to go around these days, but I can’t get enough of these Garlic Parmesan Sugar Snap Peas – I can’t wait to make them!

SHOES that caught my eye: I remember in high school, Birkenstocks were what all the cool kids were wearing. And they’re apparantly back! What do you think of these?

Comment that’s making my heart happy: I love hearing when you make my recipes and take the time to come back and leave a comment – it truly means the world to me. This week, Kathy made my Southwestern Chopped Salad in a Mason Jar and said, “This was delicious. I made several for the week! The dressing would also be good just as a veggie dip for zucchini, carrots, whatever. I used a different combination of vegetables than was listed, but I agree almost anything could be used. Thanks!”  I’m so happy you liked it, Kathy! 

What I want for my house: This table.

What book I want to read: This one looks so inspiring — have any of you read it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What my kids are loving: Okay, so maybe I am loving it too. This Mad Mattr is so fun! It’s a mix between clay/playdoh and kinetic sand. It never dries out and it’s oddly addicting to play with. For them, of course, not me. Definitely for them. Yeah.

What I bought on Amazon Prime Day: Oh boy, you guys. It got me bad this year! I finally caved and bought an Echo (they were 50% off!), and I bought a new booster car seat, a 3D printer for Ben’s work, pajamas for my kids, a pair of headphones for the kids, resistance loop bands, and new yoga blocks. Whoops! I guess I got a little carried away. It could have been worse, though, right?

Popcorn Recipe to Try: Unicorn Popcorn — because summer is about fun!


Until next time! Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Have a great weekend!