Today’s “a day in the life” is the fun Meg of The Housewife in Training Files. Meg’s recipes blow me away every time I look at them. Gorgeous photos accompany the innovative and creative recipes, making Meg’s site a mandatory stop when the laptop opens each day.

Update: Meg now blogs over at With Salt and Wit! Find her there.


Tell me about yourself and how you started food blogging.

I am just a girl with a short attention span and a healthy sweet tooth living in the Midwest! Ice cream has its own food group. Tapas make my heart pitter-patter and I could eat breakfast all day long.

I fell into food blogging upon going through culinary school and a few health mishaps. I took hold of my health with diet and exercise. I started creating nutrient dense foods and my body started to love me because of it. I realized after years of following food bloggers (Hey, Rachel Cooks!), that this is something I could potentially do. So one day when I found myself with my first DSLR, I thought no time better than the present! I was doing wife-type duties for my now husband, cooking, cleaning, etc and he nicknamed me his ‘HIT”, Housewife in Training. From that moment forward, The Housewife in Training Files was born!

Take me through your day. 

      • 6-7 AM: Wake up, kick booty. Just kidding! Roll out of bed, put on my furry slippers and do a bit of social promoting if it is a blog day.
      • 7 AM: Make breakfast and coffee (!!) with my hubby as he gets ready for work. Breakfast is simple around our house and I am a creature of habit. Ironic as housewife in training filessomeone who recipe develops for a living, huh? But peanut butter English muffins or oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries gets my day going! If it is the weekend, we usually have a slower morning and we make oatmeal pancakes with a side of fruit and Greek yogurt. Oh, and coffee. Can’t forget that!
      • 7:30 AM: Start on my long to-do list for the day! More social promoting, checking in on blogging friends to see their latest creation and reading through my to do list to ensure I know what my day will entail. Crazy day or lazy day?
      • 9 – 10:30 am: Time to work it out! How else do you think I am able to recipe develop and indulge on all those blogging recipes? But secretly, I love working out! Call me crazy but sometimes all it takes is a short run to change your day around!
      • 10:30 am – 12:30: Time to work. Prep the dish that I will be photographing, set up my set and camera then get to it!
      • 12:30 pm – Time to feast! But in reality, my meals are more like snacks and I eat random dishes all day long. Depending on what I shot that day, it may be my meal or a smoothie may be whipped up. Or an old stand by: Avocado Toast!
      • 1 – 5 pm: Miscellaneous work all afternoon. This can be prepping for future posts, responding to emails, editing photos, recipe developing, anything goes really! Or sometimes, it’s not blog related at all and I take the afternoon off to visit my nieces and sister-in-law. We all need a reset, right?
      • 5 – 7pm – My husband is home from work and we whip up dinner. This is where I would love to say we make a gourmet dinner each evening, but it’s not reality. Disappointing, right? But around 3 nights a week, you can catch us grilling away or making a simple chicken dish.
      • 7 – 9pm: Relax before climbing in bed. I am a morning person so it’s not unusual to find my in bed around 8 and asleep by 9!

What is your favorite part of your day? Why?

It’s a toss up between my morning breakfast (what can I say, I LOVE breakfast!) or the end of the day, where I get to spend quality time relaxing with my husband. There is something peaceful at the end of the day that I love.

What is your LEAST favorite part of the day? Why?

If it’s a day of photographing and recipe developing then clean up and dishes! I just wish little elves would come with a snap of my fingers. Not possible? Okay a maid would do…

If you could choose one room in your house to spend the WHOLE day in, which room would it be? Why?

With just moving into our new house last week, we are currently redoing our kitchen. So I would imagine my kitchen because it is my dream kitchen. Plus it opens into the living room so I get the best of both worlds!

If you could choose one room in your house to remodel (on an unlimited budget!) which room would it be and why? 

Does the backyard count? There is something about having a backyard complete with stone, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and trees and flowers galore! Even though I live in the Midwest, having an outdoor oasis has always been a dream of ours

What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

Saturdays! It means lazy breakfasts and a day spent with my husband. What is not to love about sleeping in, big breakfasts and a free day with no worries? At least that is the dream Saturday!

What recipe on your blog are you most proud of?

I have two – I couldn’t decide! First up, dessert. No Bake Cake Batter Cheese with Sugar Cookie Crust. It is everything I love about a dessert. No bake, simple, sweet and includes sprinkles and a sugar cookie!

No Bake Cake Batter Cheesecake

And second is my Skinny Watermelon Limeade. I adore fruit beverages and we always have lemonade or fruit drink in our fridge! I drink beverages rather fast, so when they are skinny and full of fruit, at least I know I am doing my body some good! Plus I love the photos of that recipe! One of my favorites to date!

watermelon limeade-2

What recipe on your blog do your readers seem to love most? 

This Coconut, Vanilla and Almond Butter Smoothie! Is it dessert or breakfast? To me, it’s both! It’s based on a smoothie from a local, vegan, farm-to-table restaurant that serves some of the most flavorful dishes around. And this is a cross between a milkshake and smoothie! Simple flavors that I had no idea would be a hit. But I guess simple is sometimes better!


What is your guilty food pleasure that you’re embarrassed to fess up to? Kraft Mac & Cheese? Spagetti-o’s? Canned cheese? We promise not to judge!

Peanut Butter or Buttered Toast! It takes me back to the days when I would go over to my Nana’s. She always seemed to have the best bread for toast. We would start with buttered toast, then make her famous sugar cookies (which are on the blog!) then while they bake, indulge in icing dipped graham crackers! A day full of sugar and carbs. What ten year old wouldn’t be in heaven?

What have you learned since you began blogging?

I think I could write a book on this! But mostly, it’s a marathon not a sprint. And the only competition out there is to be better than you were the day before. It is hard in such a social setting, such as blogging, to compare yourself to other bloggers. But they are in a different category. Every blogger is actually! That is what makes you unique. Comparison can ruin your day so to be gentle on yourself and to not compare can change your whole day around. I will admit, I have my days where I get envious of other bloggers and don’t think my work is up to par, but I am learning! I am a self-taught photographer and learn the best my messing up so it’s a slow road but I am a stronger person because of it! The same goes for just about every aspect for blogging: the technology, the business side, writing, recipe developing and the list goes on. Blogging is by far the hardest job I have ever held, but it is the most rewarding. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything!

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in cooking or food blogging?

Follow your dreams! But follow your dreams for that reason, not for the possibility of making a living or for the money. While it is tempting to focus on that, it will create stress and make something you once loved, not so fun. Blogging is the greatest venture I have experienced; I hope everyone is able to experience this type of love. So go for it!


Thanks Meg! Loved learning more about you!