I’m working on catching up with my Rocksbox reviews – are you all still enjoying these?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about right now, make sure to head back and read my first Rocksbox review. (Short version: You get a box of jewelry mailed to your house, you can wear it for as long as you like. You can purchase what you like and send back the rest. And then they’ll send you another box! It’s super fun.)

And the good news is if you want to give it a try, you can do a month for free if you use the code rachelcooksxoxo when you sign up.

Here’s what I’ve gotten recently!

Ashiana London – Three Stone Pendant Necklace ($68)

rocksbox-600 (5 of 9)

I had added this necklace to my wishlist and it was just as pretty in person! I love that it included the pretty stones that I love so much. It’s a keeper!

Sophie Harper – Pavé Taner Bar Mini Studs ($28)

rocksbox-600 (6 of 9)

I often ask my stylist for every day pieces — there’s only so many statement necklaces you want and much of my life is spent at the grocery store, gym, and play dates. Smaller, more subtle pieces are a must for me. I love these teeny tiny earrings. They have the perfect amount of sparkle and are light and small enough to even wear to the gym. I kept them!

Urban Gem – Luella Necklace ($56)

rocksbox-600 (4 of 9)

I’m super picky about statement necklaces. Partly because I don’t wear them that often and partly because I typically have a pretty conservative, classic style. This one was a little flashy and spiky (I know, I’m a dork but this sucker could hurt my kids!) for me so I sent it back.


What would you have kept?


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(FYI – I do get some credit to spend when people sign up using that link but I’m not obligated to write these reviews, all opinions are my own.)