How to Network with Other Bloggers – 5 Techniques

One of the most import things to do with you start a food blog is to begin networking. Here’s how to network with other bloggers — don’t worry, it’s fun!

An important part of food blogging is networking -- find out how to network with other bloggers in this post on - 5 easy techniques!

I would argue that one of the most important things to do when you start a food blog is to begin networking. I alluded this already in my post about the first five things you need to do when you start a blog, and I think it is worth spending a little more time on.

And it just so happens that networking is also one of most fun and rewarding parts of food blogging. (Networking with brands and publications is another topic for another day — today we’re just covering networking with other bloggers.)

It might seem kind of obvious to some of you, but I can’t tell you how many emails and messages I’ve gotten related to networking and making friends with other bloggers.

I’m breaking it down into 5 easy tips. You can handle this – you only have five things to do. And in reality it boils down to two things: Be yourself, and treat others how you would want to be treated. (Which, as a side note, should probably be how you approach life in general but I’m doling out food blogging advice, not life advice.)

1. Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yes, even Google+. Comment on Facebook posts, comment on Instagram photos, RT and respond to tweets, and do whatever the heck you’re supposed to do on Google+. Which I guess is sharing, commenting, and +1ing. Interact in a genuine way. Get to know people. Find out what’s going on in their lives and not just their blogs. In a non-creepy way, please.


2. Facebook Groups:

This might be the most effective way to network with other bloggers. It’s typically a forum that isn’t visible to the public, so it’s a chance to ask questions and get support from other bloggers.

You might be wondering how you find these groups. It’s pretty simple – use the search bar at the top of Facebook. Search whatever you’re interested in (“Food Blogging” is likely a good place to start). Read the descriptions and see if they are what you are looking for. If they are closed groups request to join. Then you’ll have to try it out and see if it’s a fit for you. They might not all be groups that you want to be a part of. And hey — if you don’t like any of them, you can always start your own group!

3. Comment on Blogs:

I’ll just admit right away that this isn’t my strong suit lately. Ben’s job is insanely busy (he’s gone from 6am until 9pm at least three nights a week lately) and I have two toddlers. Most days something has to give and usually commenting on blogs falls by the wayside.

However, it’s important to show other bloggers that you support them. Because when they see you support them, they’ll support you. Plus, it’s encouraging to them…and it’s always nice to encourage people. Also — most blogs allow you to link to your blog when you’re commenting (your name will show up as a link). This might get some of their readers to also come over and check out your blog — especially if you leave an interesting comment that adds something to the conversation.


4. Conferences/Events:

I haven’t been to a whole lot of conferences because of the kids (for the first 3 years of my blog, I was either pregnant or breastfeeding). And now of course, it’s hard to work in conferences around Ben’s schedule. BUT it is a great way to actually meet people face-to-face, give hugs (I’m a hugger), and get to know people better. It’s always better when you can look someone in the eyes while you chat with them.

5. Sharing Content:

This is related to social media, but it’s important enough to get #5 on my list all by itself. By sharing content, you not only provide your readers with interesting (and/or delicious) stuff to look at, but you also are basically waving and saying hello to other bloggers. Make sure to tag them on their content so they see you’re loving it and sharing it. You can share content on most any social platform but I love Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course Pinterest. Make sure that you’re not copying and pasting recipes in their entirety onto your social media share. You won’t make friends that way.


Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list?


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  1. Thanks Rachel,

    This is so useful. I have been a bit lost about in trying to network but this has helped me a lot. :)

  2. Hi, I recently just joined this blogger’s world and I am trying to network with other bloggers . I love cooking and trying new recipes.

    Rating: 5
  3. Great post.. I started blogging back again and realised how important networking is. It happens to me as well that sometimes I have not enough time and I am trying to get some tips to improve my effort. Thanks for the info!. I’ve shared it in Twitter, hope you don’t mind :)

  4. Enjoyed your blog, and the format it is in! I would like to put a website box on my contact page. I’m pretty sure it does not have one.  Thanks for all the great stuff. I am going to post a link to your page on my website. :-)

  5. Awesome information provided in this blog about how an individual can network with other bloggers. This information and tips provided here were really helpful.

  6. Great advice! I’m just starting out, literally days old. I’m sort of clueless in the networking department. Like you I have a toddler and not much free time. Thanks again!

  7. I’ve been looking for a post like this – its been sort of difficult for me to figure out how to network with other bloggers. So thank you for this, these are some awesome tips! :)

  8. These are very nice tips!

  9. I laughed out loud (really) at “do whatever you’re supposed to do on Google+”…can’t quite figure that out’s so convoluted. I have tried so very hard to network with other bloggers but I just can’t get anywhere. It’s like everyone I meet just sees me as competition. So many bloggers talk about networking and it makes me wonder why I can’t find anyone who actually wants to work with other bloggers. I do leave comments on blogs, like this one, and I usually get ignored. I try to be helpful, constructive, friendly, etc. I just don’t know! I am sure you’ve heard this all before. It just does not seem as easy as so many bloggers say.

    • Hmm that’s so strange! I’ve found the blogging community to be so warm and welcoming. I would just say keep on keeping on! Everyone is so busy (especially this time of year), so it might take a few interactions before you see reciprocation.

  10. Great article – thank you! I have just started my own blog and finding the social media all quite overwhelming! Thank you for breaking it down!

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  12. Thank you so much for this article! I am a new blogger and am trying to learn everything I can about what and what not to do as a newbie. I knew that having a blog would be work but did not realize it would be like a new part time job lol. I’m excited to start this journey and your post has given me a boost!

  13. Great advice Rachel! Each of these things (except the conference, haven’t been to one yet) has really helped me grow my blog!

  14. Great tips! Networking with other bloggers is definitely something that gets left off when things get busy, but is one of the most fun parts about blogging.

  15. great information–even for non-food bloggers or non-bloggers

  16. Love this advice! I think that it is easy for newbies to think they are in competition with other blogs. The bigger I get and the more blog friends I have, the more I realize it isn’t a competition at all! Working together is how we all will grow and succeed.

  17. Great post ! Totally agree with you, but networking is so hard for me! Networking and getting to know other bloggers is my NY’s resolution this year, so I’m making the time to get better.

    See, I even commented on your post! Love your blog, btw!

  18. I love these tips! I always try to share other bloggers stuff, but I always forget to tag them. I’m going to make more of an effort to do that. I would love to go to a conference and meet other bloggers (and you!) in person one day. That would be so exciting to get to meet the people I’ve grown to admire and befriend in person!

  19. Great tips! I think you covered all the basics. Like you, I have a husband who works some crazy hours, and I have three little ones, so even thought I preach this stuff, I don’t always do the best of it:(

  20. These are great tips! I was on the Click Retreat last month and it was an amazing way to not only meet new bloggers but actually make new friends. I’m planning to go to a bunch more conferences this year so I can continue to meet more of the amazing women (and men) who make up this great community. Would be great to meet you in person one day :) :) xo

  21. Thanks for the tips. I’m just starting out and appreciate the tips!

  22. networking with other bloggers is one of my fave parts of blogging!

  23. The most rewarding thing about blogging is the relationships I’ve been able to build, both personally and professionally. The sense of community, which you see and experience when you follow your five tips, is really gratifying. Whenever I’ve needed support, advice, assistance, and encouragement I have a lot of people I can turn to. And vice-versa!

  24. AAAAAH! I love those pictures with you and Brandy and Liz. <3 Conferences. Yes, I need to attend more. But kids. Ya…kids.

  25. Awesome tips Rachel (and I cannot wait to meet you in real life too—FINALLY!)

  26. Great advice. Before I started blogging, I found a blogger that I really liked. I liked they blog, attitude toward others and how warm they seemed. I reached out and basically asked them to mentor me. It was a great way to build a relationship and learn.

  27. The first thing I tell people when they ask me “How do I grow my blog?” Network! Comment on everything so your name is out there. I used to be so good about it as newbie blogger and I’ll admit I have slagged off as the years have past. Since I took so much time off in 2014, I feel like I’m a newbie again and need to start doing the rounds every morning making comments. It’s just so hard with the kids (as you know!)

  28. Such a great post! There is nothing better (or more valuable) than meeting bloggers face to face after you have interacted with them so much on social media. Would love to meet you IRL!

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