Figuring out how to create a baby registry doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With these tips and must-have baby items, you’ll be well on your way to checking it off your list of to-dos!

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When it comes to registering for baby products, my number one tip for expecting moms and dads – especially first time moms and dads – is to go with an experienced parent. If you can be picky about it, go with a parent who has a child who is under two or three years of age. This way they’ll know well enough what you’ll need during that first year of your precious little one’s life. But at the same time, all the helpful and necessary products will be fresh in their mind. If you go with someone who is further removed from the newborn/infant/toddler stages, they may have either forgotten what was useful or they may not be up to date with new products on the market. For example, if say your mom went with you to register for baby products, she may not necessarily realize the huge benefits of some newer products on the market. She might be heard uttering something such as “Oh I didn’t use that – you don’t need that.” But you probably do. (With that being said, if your mom wants to go with you to register – you better say yes. She’s your MOM.)

Here are a few other general tips for registering:

  • Remember, for most stores, you can make edits to your registry online. Don’t be overly cautious when registering. If you see one swing that looks good but then find one that you like better — go ahead and scan the barcodes of both. Make a note of it and delete the one you don’t like when you get home and on your computer.
  • Don’t be scared by price tags. You would be surprised by what people will buy for you. People also sometimes like to go in together as a group to buy a bigger ticket item. And most stores have coupons which will lower prices.
  • Register for diapers and wipes. Lots of them. A few newborn sizes and a couple big boxes of size 1 diapers and then a whoooole bunch of size 2. If your kids are anything like mine.
  • Add products to your registry that have more than one function and products that can fold up/reduce in size. You’re going to suddenly have a LOT of new stuff and both of these features will be very beneficial. Bonus points if the item grows with your child.
  • Remember you can always return items. Most stores are great about returning baby registry items. If you decide you don’t want them, you can return them and buy diapers.
  • Think beyond the newborn stage. Provided you aren’t hugely limited in terms of storage, it’s a good idea to register for some items outside of the a newborn’s needs. Think about feeding items, toys, bibs and other things you might want several months down the road. This is especially important if you’re planning on having lots of showers – you’ll want people to have plenty of items to choose from.


Next up, a few must-haves for your registry. Besides diapers.

  • Play yard – I mentioned it in my post about traveling with kids, but I love this play yard from Fisher-Price. Remember how I mentioned you should register for products that a) have multiple purposes and b) fold up? This one fits both of those requirements. It is an inclined sleeper, changing station and play yard in one AND it folds up super small and light.

fisher-price play yard

  • Bath products – don’t go crazy with these. You don’t know if your child’s skin will be sensitive or what particular needs you will have. Register for small bottles of a couple different varieties so you can determine with you like. Once you’ve figured it out, head back at a later date with a gift card and buy a larger bottle.
  • Swing and/or rocker of some sort. I’m so obsessed with the Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play™ Sleeper that it almost makes me want to have another baby right away. Almost. I’m convinced it is one of the best inventions ever. The sucker ROCKS ITSELF.

  • Jumper/Bouncer – in keeping with my advice to choose items that collapse to save space, consider this SpaceSaver Jumperoo® from Fisher-Price. It’s adjustable and will grow with your child and it folds flat – great for traveling with kids too.

  • Play mat and/or activity gym – Fisher-Price has another great one in this category that has a few different uses and grows with your child. Another fun product that is making me want another baby. Check out the Discover ‘n Grow™ Kick and Play Piano Gym.

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  • Toys – Can’t go wrong adding some toys to the registry list. Remember that people will often throw a rattle or something on to the box as a sort of decoration instead of a bow. And also remember that a lot of people buy toys that aren’t on your registry because who can resist a fun toy? So add a few, but don’t go crazy. I will say, since visiting Fisher-Price’s headquarters and seeing the love and passion that goes into making their products, as well as the HUGE focus on safety, I’m much more inclined to buy or recommend Fisher-Price toys. I am really confident in their quality and safety. Not just saying this, either. I wouldn’t let my kids (or yours!) play with unsafe toys for any amount of money or anything else.
  • Stroller, high chair and car seat – Make sure to do lots of research to figure out what is best for your car and your baby. Keep in mind such factors as size, aesthetics, and most importantly, safety.
  • Nursing accessories if you’re planning to nurse.
  • Gift cards – did you know you can actually put these on your registry at most places? Some people feel weird about “only” giving a gift card – if they are listed right on your registry, it might make people more comfortable with buying that item.

This just barely scratches the surface – make sure to also put pacifiers, burp clothes, crib sheets, waterproof mattress pads, blankets for swaddling, and more! Like I mentioned, the best thing to do is go with a friend or a family member who has recently been through the same phase of life.

What would you add to your list of must-haves if you were writing a how to create a baby registry guide?

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