Nerds popcorn is crazy good! Nerds candies are a childhood favorite of many, and coupled with popcorn, they make an irresistible sweet treat.

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As the self-declared popcorn queen, I’m always looking for a new twist to put on popcorn. Whether it be sweet or savory, I always have something up my sleeve.

Not too long ago, I debuted the Nerds Milkshake and I couldn’t believe the reaction it got! I think Nerds bring back memories for so many people. They’re such a fun and tasty candy reminiscent of childhood. And so colorful! Perfect for popcorn.

I kept this particular popcorn recipe simple and just added in white chocolate candy coating and some rainbow Nerds. Often I leave some of the candy I’m mixing with the popcorn whole, and then crush some up. That really drives the flavor home and makes sure each kernel of popcorn is flavored with the candy.

This time I chose to leave the Nerds whole to really show off the colors. You could definitely try it either way – this is pretty hard to screw up. If you choose to crush some up, you could use a food processor or a zip-top bag and a rolling pin (my preferred method).

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After you pop your popcorn (this air popper has made me more popcorn than I care to admit), make sure to pick out the unpopped kernels. Once they are coated in white chocolate, they are really hard to see until you crack your tooth and are headed to the dentist. My method of picking out the unpopped kernels is pretty simple:

  1. Give the bowl a good shake – they tend to sink to the bottom.
  2. Lift popped popcorn out and put onto a sheet pan (you’ll use it later too). Once all you see in the bowl are unpopped kernels and partially popped kernels, dump those out.
  3. You then return the pretty popcorn from the sheet pan back to the bowl. There it will get mixed with the white chocolate and the Nerds and then returned back to the sheet pan to harden before you tuck it away into an airtight container such as your belly.

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If Nerds popcorn isn’t your thing and you prefer a different popcorn variety, make sure to check out Cool Ranch Popcorn, Orange Creamsicle Popcorn, or Oreo Popcorn (loooooaded with Oreos).


This Nerds Popcorn recipe was originally created for Food Fanatic.