Today’s “a day in the life” is the sweet and talented Karly of Buns in My Oven. Karly has been a really great friend to me during blogging — always willing to help other bloggers. Her recipes and food are approachable and perfect for real life. If you like my recipes, you’ll also love hers. And it’s your lucky day — Karly wrote a cookbook devoted to pancakes! (YESSSSS.) It’s available for pre-order


buns in my oven

Tell me about yourself and how you started food blogging.

My food blog sort of happened by accident. I was newly obsessed with photography and my kids had given up on cooperating with the camera. They were so over it and I was so desperate for something pretty to photograph. I turned to dinner. I started photographing food to practice my camera skills and quickly decided I may as well share the photos. That opened up food to me in a whole new way, because it meant that I had to cook new recipes. No one wanted to see my frozen pizza photos.


Take me through your day.

8am: Wake up! I know…I’m a slacker who sleeps in and I love it. Homeschooling and working from home has it’s perks!

8:15am: Get as much computer work done as possible while the kids are still asleep! This is anything from social media work to networking to writing new blog posts or editing photos.

9:30am: Wake the kids up, tell them to find themselves something for breakfast, and shower. They usually go for leftover muffins, cold cereal, or instant oatmeal.


10am: Get the kids started with their schoolwork. My son is in 9th grade and my daughter is in 4th grade. My son is pretty independent, but my daughter needs a bit more help and instruction. I work with her off and on as she needs it while continuing my computer work. And, yes, a big chunk of my time working with her is actually just me repeating, “No, seriously, stop whining and just get your work done.” She is not a fan of this whole learning thing. Thankfully, my son doesn’t ever complain!

12pm: Cook and eat lunch. Make the kids shower. Everyone takes the dog for a walk together.

1:30pm: Back to school! I get computer work done during the times my daughter doesn’t need me.

2:30pm: My daughter is generally done for the day at this point, so I usually start cooking and photographing food around this time. I’ll answer questions for my son and listen to him give me recaps of each subject in between and then he’s done with school sometime around 3 or 4pm.

4pm: We all take the dog on another walk and then come back home and do our own thing. For the kids, that’s computer time. For me, that’s cleaning the house. So glamorous!

5:30pm: I grudgingly begin cooking dinner after debating ordering pizza or getting take out. If it was a busy day cooking and I made things that are good for dinner, I’ll try to turn it into a complete meal. If I made a bunch of dessert, I cook dinner or go ahead and order that pizza.

6:30pm: The husband is usually coming in about this time and we all eat dinner together. This is my favorite part of the day!


7pm: Clean up the kitchen again, toss in some laundry, and hang out with the family for a bit playing games or watching a favorite tv show together.

8pm: I’m pretty much done for the day. I usually watch TV, read books, and get a bit more computer work done. Sometimes I’ll bake at night or go to the grocery store. I love going late in the evening because it’s not nearly as busy.

12am: Bed time for everyone!

What is your favorite cookbook?

I love Joanne Chang’s cookbook, Flour. Every recipe I’ve made from it has been such a hit. Especially her donuts. They’re amazing.

What recipe on your blog are you most proud of?

Oh, this one is even perfect for the season! It’s my pumpkin coffee cake with a cinnamon swirl! It’s so moist and dense…more of a pie than a cake almost!

pumpkin coffee cake recipe

What recipe on your blog do your readers seem to love most?

These Nutella Brownies are pretty popular with readers! They were even one of the top pinned recipes of 2013, according to Pinterest!

nutella brownies

What is your guilty food pleasure that you’re embarrassed to fess up to? Kraft Mac & Cheese? Spagetti-o’s? Canned cheese? We promise not to judge!

Okay, so this is a weird one. I love love love Stove Top Stuffing with a slice of American cheese and hot sauce on top. I know! I’m disgusting.


Thanks Karly! I might have to try that stuffing/cheese/hot sauce combo! I’m intrigued. ;) 

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