I thought about naming this post “Random Crap I Like,” but that didn’t seem too professional. Anyways, this is a random assortment of things that have been making my life better/easier/more fun. Read on…and tell me what you’ve been loving lately in the comments section!

photo source: ThermoWorks

photo source: ThermoWorks

Thermapen. I wanted one of these for soooo long. And then the stars aligned and ThermoWorks was nice enough to send me one to try out! A pink one, no less. Oh happy day! Now that I’ve tried it, I would happily spend the money on it. I’ve been using it for months now so I can confidently say it’s amazing. I love that I can take the temperature of anything in seconds and be confident of an accurate reading. (They send calibration information with each Thermapen so you know it is accurate!) I’m not even kidding you…our food is better now. No more overcooked chicken. I was always that paranoid person that would end up overcooking chicken just to be sure it was done (ick!).

(ThermoWorks sent me a Thermapen at no cost but I was not obligated to share with you. All opinions are my own, as always.)


PlanetBox. Because lunch doesn’t have to be boring. This fun box not only cuts down on waste but it also makes packing lunch so much fun! My kids don’t need lunch for school yet, but this little lunch box is SO fun for playdates and any other time we’re on the go. I love the little compartments that not only help with portion control but also make you think outside of the box (no pun intended!) when packing lunches. And heeeeeey they are dishwasher safe. AND they have fun magnets that the kids just LOVE. And there is room in each one for an ice pack. And a spot for a water bottle/drink. I have the “Rover” design which I find perfect for us. I love the little treat spot in the middle. So fun!

(PlanetBox sent me 2 lunch boxes to try out. The opinions…you guessed it! They’re my own.)

photo via More Sprinkled Joy

photo credit: More Sprinkled Joy

These oh-so-pretty “Vintage Chic” paper straws from More Sprinkled Joy. She has THE CUTEST variety packs of paper straws. Definitely a mandatory stop when you’re planning your next party.

(nothing to disclose here besides my love of paper straws!)

photo credit: Spiceologist

Spiceologist Rubs. I particularly love the Purple Haze — it was amazing on chicken and is a beautiful color! I’ve also tried Greek Freak (yum!) and have heard nothing but good things about the other rubs as well. They really make dinner easy. When I’m stumped on what to make for dinner, I just grab chicken and a spiceologist rub. Dinner, made.

(I’m friends with the co-founder of this great company but gueeeeesssss what? Opinions, mine. Rubs, delicious.)

photo credit: Amazon.com

CHI Color Protection Shampoo. Totally random but I love it and Ben is obsessed with the smell. I got it from HomeGood because I’m cheap.

(and that’s an affiliate link. No added cost to you.)