I gotta say, Ben is a good sport.

Me: “Hey sweetie, would you mind trying Silk Almond Milk for me?”

Ben: “Sure.”

Me: “I….umm…need to photograph you trying it.”

Ben: “Should I shave?”

So first off, a big thank-you to Ben for playing along with this little taste test.

The day of the big taste test went something like this:

Me: (pouring the almond milk) “Ready?”

Ben: “Right now?”

Me: “Soon. We need the light for photographs.”

Ben: “Should I change my shirt?”

Me: “No.”

Ben: “Give me two minutes.”

(two minutes pass)

(taste test and photos happen)

When Silk approached me and asked me to challenge someone to taste Silk Almond Milk for the first time, Ben was the obvious choice. Obviously since both the kids have tree nut allergies, they weren’t an option. And me? Well, I’ve had it so I wasn’t a possibility. I love the nutty and sweet flavor of Silk Vanilla Almond milk and I was confident Ben would love it too.

So, I poured him a big glass and handed him a hot chocolate chip cookie to go with it (because, duh).

I’m happy to say that the verdict is in….

“Wow, it’s really good!”

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