2014 Rachel Cooks Reader Survey

This month, Ben is going into his first full year as a high school principal (hellllo football games, meetings, bbqs, and more!). We’re listing our condo and moving into a new house. I’m likely headed out of state for a trip mid-month. AND I probably need a root canal.

So why not do a reader survey and start up some new blog-related projects?

It’s not like I’m busy or anything.

Speaking of busy, I know you all are very busy too. I hope your busy life doesn’t involve a root canal like mine does. But I know you’re busy. So I know taking a survey to help me is probably the last thing on your radar but I’d very very very very very very much appreciate it.

I’ll be using this info to help determine the direction of my blog and what to include more or less of on my site. I appreciate you just being here reading, but if you could manage to take a few minutes of your time to take this survey, I’d be eternally grateful and so honored. (You can click this link to get to the survey or take the embedded version here on my site.)

Thanks in advance!