This honey, lemon, apricot, and pine nut short bread cookie recipe might have a long name but they won’t take long to make — or eat!

Shortbread Cookies with Apricot, Pine Nuts, Honey and Lemon - On

Erin of The Law Student’s Wife is in PARIS. Lucky her, right? Her and her husband are spending over three weeks in France. Although I’ve never met Erin in person, I consider her one of my closest blogging friends so when she asked me to help her out by sharing a recipe on her site, it was something I gladly agreed to do.

I decided to make this fun shortbread cookie recipe. You all know how much I love shortbread cookies. I can keep a log of the dough in my freezer, slice off a couple and bake them whenever I want them. It’s particularly helpful for guests. My parents were here visiting us a couple of weekends ago and I didn’t really have any sweets in the house (if I do, I eat them all). We were sipping on tea and coffee in the late afternoon before we had scheduled to go see a house (all we’ve been doing lately!). So I turned on the oven, sliced off a few of these cookies and baked them. Nothing better than hot fresh cookies right out of the oven.

And these cookies are really something special. They’re not your typical shortbread cookie. They are full of great colors and flavors — sweet, chewy apricots, mixed in with crunchy, flavorful pine nuts. Those two ingredients would provide enough great flavor on their own but the honey and lemon in these cookies complements them and pulls them together so nicely. Right before baking, you brush them with honey and sprinkle them with a little sugar. It makes for the perfect chewy, crunchy top.

If apricots and pine nuts aren’t your style, make sure to check out honey lemon shortbread cookies, cocoa nib cream cheese shortbread cookies, apple cheesecake shortbread cookies, or peppermint shortbread cookies.

Shortbread Cookies with Apricot, Pine Nuts, Honey and Lemon - On

Head on over to The Law Student’s Wife for this fun shortbread cookie recipe!


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