Drumroll please…the results of my Miracle-Gro Gro-Ables seed pods are in!

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A few weeks ago, you may remember I planted some seeds with my girl E. Terrifying thing, planting. Usually met with sadness, disappointment, dead plants and an empty garden.

Oh…is that just me? NO. It’s not just me…I know it. I’m looking at you — fellow humans with black thumbs.

I know you’re out there, craving fresh basil and cursing your black thumb every time you have to drive to the store and buy overpriced basil instead of walking to your garden and snipping it fresh from the plant

As I mentioned in my first post, we live in a second story condo, so my garden is a balcony garden. (Although, as I type this, I’m waiting to hear about a house we put an offer in on!). I chose to plant spinach and basil because they are probably the two things we use the most out of all the Gro-ables® Seed Pods™ that Miracle-Gro® sent me.

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And basil and spinach is what we have! Success! Hooray!

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Bright green leaves of spinach waiting to be made into a salad…

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Blurry little basil leaves destined for pesto or caprese…or more likely, my favorite, margherita pizza.

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In this photo, she clearly has more important things to focus on, but E loves seeing our plants grow. Every time it rains, she says, “Our plants are growing Mommy!”

And I have to add that she hates spinach lately (and mushrooms). She asks me what we’re having for lunch or dinner and 80% of the time I mess with her and say “pizza with spinach and mushrooms,” or “an omelette with spinach and mushrooms,” or sometimes we’re just having plain ol’ spinach and mushrooms.

She hasn’t figured out my ways yet and goes into full out whiny-meltdown mode until I reveal that I’m not actually serving her a spinach and mushroom sandwich for lunch.

This is what I do to keep things interesting, folks. Exciting life I tell ya.

And please know that my daughter does get plenty of greens in her diet. I’m sneaky like that.

BUT let me get to my point. After we took these pictures, she plucked off a leaf of spinach and ate it. And enjoyed it. And even knew it was spinach! The power of getting your kids involved in the process.

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Mom wins again and my thumb is even starting to look a little green. Thanks, Miracle-Gro.

Psst — make sure to check out my first post in this series to find out more about these seed pods and also find some great spinach and basil recipes.

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Disclosure: MiracleGro has compensated me to write this post but all opinions are my own, as always.