An Easter snack mix recipe that is a perfect treat for any Easter gathering — and would also be a great surprise inside Easter eggs!

Easter themed trail mix in multi-colored egg cups. Text overlay reads "Easter Snack Mix" with a cartoon chick in the corner.

With Easter right around the corner, we’re seeing bunnies and eggs everywhere. And if you’re anything like us, you’re trying to remind our children of what Easter is really about. Hint: It’s not bunnies and eggs.

But bunnies and eggs are fun too. When I saw Annie’s bunnies on the shelves of my grocery store, I knew they were destined for some kind of Easter snack mix recipe. I am, after all, the snack fanatic over at Food Fanatic.

I had fun deciding what to include with these cute little bunny crackers for an Easter snack mix. So many possibilities! 

Start with chocolate eggs (use your favorite kind, pastel M&Ms would work, too) and pistachios for a little spring green color as well as added nutrition. Because the bunnies need something to snack on too, I slice dried apricots into long strips to look like carrots. Toss it all together and it’s an irresistible snack that’s ready in less than five minutes.

Close up of Easter snack mix in small white fluted dish.

The sliced apricots tend to cause the bunnies to lose a little of their crunch, so if you’re preparing this snack mix in advance, just leave the apricots out until you’re ready to serve. You could even slice the apricots into strips ahead of time but just keep them separate from the bunnies until you serve the snack mix. Then those bunnies will be nice and crunchy like they should be.

This Easter snack mix recipe was originally shared on Food Fanatic but you can also find it here.

Enjoy! Happy Easter! If you’re looking for more Easter recipes, take a look at 25 Easter Dessert Recipes — a great reference if you’re in need of a little inspiration.

Easter snack mix in white dish, with filled egg cups, and snack mix scattered around.


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