With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be looking for some gift ideas. This vanilla bean sugar scrub would be perfect! A homemade gift, made with love. What could be better?

Small clear jar, with cork stopper and wooden spoon attached, tied with white twine, and labelled "Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub".

This post is sponsored by Beanilla. All opinions are my own.

I should start by saying that this is not food. Sure, it is edible — but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend eating it.

But let me tell you, Ben really wanted to eat it. He kept taking the lid off, smelling it and asking if he could eat it. And it does smell really good!

You all know I’m obsessed with vanilla beans and everything vanilla. In fact, just last week I made you all a clementine and vanilla bean yogurt cake. I’m tempted to make that one again. The flavor of the vanilla bean pairs so perfectly with citrus. I highly recommend it.

Front view of sugar scrub in jar, with 2 vanilla beans nearby, on white marble counter.

Given how often I use vanilla and vanilla beans in my kitchen, it only makes sense to use them in the bathroom as well. Use this all-natural, homemade sugar scrub in place of your typical store-bought exfoliation product and you’ll be left smelling great and having silky smooth skin.

Vanilla bean sugar scrub makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day as well — for your wife (do I have any male readers?), for your husband (men take showers too), and even for your girlfriends! Friends like to get presents. (Giving presents makes people like you too. Just saying.)

3 jars of vanilla bean sugar scrub on white and gray marble countertop.

This sweet scrub starts with vanilla from Beanilla. Otherwise known as the ONLY place I buy vanilla beans and vanilla extract. Great customer service, great products, and great prices. Plus they’re in my hometown.

This particular recipe uses 4 Madagascar vanilla beans as well as some vanilla extract. I keep both products stocked in my pantry at all times.

If you don’t have them stocked — order today so you can make this sugar scrub and have it ready to give as a gift on Valentine’s Day!

Brown glass jar from Beanilla containing pure vanilla extract, with two vanilla beans nearby.

Beanilla often runs a special where you can get 25 (TWENTY-FIVE) Madagascar vanilla beans for $25 (TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!) shipped! A buck a bean. You guys — I don’t know if you’ve done much shopping for vanilla beans, but this is a steal.

And if you think you can’t find uses for 25 vanilla beans, think again. I have countless vanilla bean recipes here — and Beanilla has even more recipes on their site. Plus — you can make homemade vanilla extract if you can’t think of anything else to do with them. Surely you can think of a use for vanilla extract.

One open jar of scrub, with wooded spoon inserted, two more jars in background.

This scrub is super easy to make. Simply mix brown sugar, white sugar, coconut oil, vanilla beans, and vanilla. Stir and scoop into cute little jars. (I get mine from Hobby Lobby.)

Overhead of open vanilla bean sugar scrub, opened, with spoon inserted.

I add a cute tag to label them and make them completely appropriate for Valentine’s Day gifting. I think these would even be fun Valentine’s Day gifts for a teacher. Do people get their kids’ teachers gifts for Valentine’s day? Or is that weird? I have no clue. My husband is an assistant principal so I should probably know things like this — but he’s at a high school and I KNOW it would be inappropriate for a high school student to bring his/her teacher sugar scrubs for baths.

But anyways — I’m getting waaaay sidetracked. The point is, vanilla bean sugar scrub is a great gift.. I’m sending one off with my mother-in-law and might give another to a friend. I’m keeping one. Of course.

Open jar of sugar scrub on side, with a few spoonfuls of scrub on counter and some in spoon.

Bonus points if you gift them with a cute little wooden spoon.

Three jars of vanilla bean sugar scrub on white marble counter.

Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub

Yield: 3 1/2 cups
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Vanilla bean sugar scrub is a perfect Valentine's Day gift! A homemade gift, made with love. What could be better?


  • 4 Madagascar vanilla beans
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup (solid) coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons 2-fold vanilla extract


  1. Cut vanilla beans in half lengthwise and use the back of your knife to scrape out the beans. Add the scrapings from the vanilla beans to a large bowl.
  2. To that bowl, add both types of sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla extract. Mix well to combine.
  3. Store in airtight jars and use in the shower or bath to exfoliate and smell great!

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