Today’s “a day in the life”  is Rebecca of Foodie with Family. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Rebecca over the past year or so and just love her and her blog. She’s insanely talented, creates the most amazing  food, and is kind and funny! What more could you want? Oh! And she’s from Michigan so obviously she’s a winner. 

Enjoy learning more about Rebecca!


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Tell me about yourself and how you started food blogging.

My dad read an article in the Harrisburg, PA paper about a father and daughter who had a blog. He suggested that my stepmom, Valerie, and I try it, so we did!

Take me through your day.Rebecca-Lindamood

My Fall/Winter Schedule looks kind of like this:

  • 7:30 AM: Wake up, unless it’s Thursday, then I’m up at 5:50 so I can get to a barre fit class a couple towns over by 6:30.
  • 7:45 AM: Make and set up breakfast
  • 8:30 AM: Monday-Thursday we homeschool! Education Party at our house! Weekends are very unstructured except for church on Sunday morning and youth group for my teens and pre-teen Sunday evening.
  • 12 noon-1 Finish up school and make lunch.
  • 1:00 PM-3: Once the kids are doing some independent activities or chores, I settle down to cooking/photographing and working on blog stuff.
  • 3:00-6:00 PM: This time frame is reserved for working out, tidying up the house, prepping dinner, etc…
  • 7:00-8:00 If it’s Monday night, it’s Pilates class. Othewise… This… Is… JEOPARDY! (I so want to go on there some day!)

What is your one must-have kitchen tool or gadget?

Oh gosh. Can I do a Top Five list? My knives, my stand-mixer, my sturdy spoons, my BIG mixing bowl, my commercial sink… I grew up using one. I’m bad at doing dishes in anything too small for an adult to bathe in. Don’t worry. I don’t bathe in my sink

What is the most important part of your day? Why?

Definitely the working out and the homeschooling. The working out is for my state of mind. The homeschooling, well, that’s important for obvious reasons. Must. Make. Good. Adults.

What is your favorite part of your day? Why?

Hmmm. This might sound bad, but I think it’s when the kids go to bed and my hubby and I get to spend time alone together!

What is your LEAST favorite part of the day? Why?

Waking up! I am so not a morning person.

If you could choose one room in your house to spend the WHOLE day in, which room would it be? Why?

I should say my kitchen, but I would spend all day in my living room if I could. My wood stove and my ‘throne’ (a seriously comfy, over-stuffed, glider recliner that my hubby got me for Christmas) are in there.

If you could choose one room in your house to remodel (on an unlimited budget!) which room would it be and why?

DEFINITELY my kitchen. When we bought our house, it didn’t have electricity, plumbing, or even interior walls (it was a bare-bones Amish home). We worked hard to get the house livable, but it’s still a bit rustic. I love the functionality of my kitchen, but not necessarily the ‘look’.


What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

FRIDAY is my favourite day. School is done, we can catch up on projects, the kids are relaxed, and it feels like the beginning of vacation every week!

If you had to choose one place to travel to every year, where would it be? Why? Have you been there before?

Just one place, eh? That’s a toughie. For places I’ve been to, it’d have to be Michigan (because I’m originally from there and I have tons of family there and will always consider myself a Michigander) or France (I was an exchange student there in high school) because I miss it. For places I haven’t been to, I suspect I’d love to go to Japan every year. I love the food, the art, the culture…

If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and how long would you stay?

Aha! This is where I should’ve said Japan. But I’d also say France. I love to travel! Either way, I’d try to stay a month. You can’t really absorb a travel experience with anything less, I think!

What is your favorite quote or verse?

I’m tempted to quote Tim Hawkins life-verse skit here because it makes me laugh every time and because I always blank when I’m asked to say what my favourite is. “I shook his haaaand!”  I have  a lot of them that I love, so I’ll just say that I love the ‘love’ verses. John 3:16, 1 John 4:7-8, 18, 1 Corinthians 13:4, John 13:34…

What is your favorite cookbook?

It’s relatively new to me, but I adore “Jerusalem: A Cookbook” It’s lush and has some of my favourite flavours.

What recipe on your blog are you most proud of?

Wow. This question was really tough for me. Hmm. Evidently I’m less decisive than I thought. Probably either this Slow-Cooker Cuban Pork (because I’ve had so many responses from people saying it’s become a family favourite)  or this Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte because I loved the photo and I drank my own weight in it. If you ask me tomorrow my answer might change, though.


Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte a

What recipe on your blog do your readers seem to love most?

The most widely shared and circulated recipe ever on my site is this Snickerdoodle Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream, but the most popular one ever on my site is probably my Candied Jalapenos (awful photo, but the recipe was apparently appealing enough!)



What is your guilty food pleasure that you’re embarrassed to fess up to? Kraft Mac & Cheese? Spagetti-o’s? Canned cheese? We promise not to judge!

Oh heck. I have a list of these. Andy Capp’s Hot Fries (I can eat a whole bag.), Wendy’s Frosties with French fries dipped in them, and (*blush*) frozen pizza. I’m so classy it hurts.

What have you learned since you began blogging?

How long do you have? Seriously. Among loads of other things, I’ve learned that I’m pretty decent at being self-employed, that there are a LOT of people out there as obsessed with food as I am, that I’m not awful at photography, that I like pushing myself, and that luke-warm food isn’t an abomination.

What have you found to be the most challenging part of blogging?

I think the most challenging thing for me was to continue blogging when my stepmom passed away. I had started the blog with her and was very close to her. Every time I did something with the blog for quite a while, it stung.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in cooking or food blogging?

Be yourself, not who you think people want you to be. Be reliable, be ready to answer questions, be a resource!

Who would you like to see featured here in the future? 

My gals: Mary, from and Meseidy, from

Is there anything else you would like to tell the world about yourself?
I like dorky comedies (Tommy Boy, Arrested Development, Monty Python), sci-fi, BBC dramas and BritComs, and weepy foreign films but I CAN’T HANDLE scary movies. I’m a total wimp. I’m a classic literature nut but know next to nothing about modern lit unless we’re talking Harry Potter which I can practically recite. I own two Chihuahua mixes and 32 chickens.


 Dipping fries in a Wendy’s frosty is THE ONLY way to go about things, Rebecca! I am so with you on that. 

You can find more of Rebecca on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

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