Winter ONEderland Birthday Party


Can we take a minute to talk about the fact that my little man is ALREADY ONE?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I mean…he turned one awhile ago, actually. I’m finally getting around to posting this.

So…my little man – N – boy oh boy. That kid has my heart and has me wrapped around his little finger with his smile, his dimples, his charm and his energy. The kid never stops moving. He’s all boy and has had a million bumps and bruises already. His sister loves him like crazy and he feels the same way about her. I love to watch them play together and I’m so, so, so blessed and so happy with my little family. Even if we can’t get a decent photo of the four of us for anything. That one up there was the best out of 4 or 5. Eek. As a side note, the dress I’m wearing is from Stitch Fix. I didn’t write about this past month’s fix but this dress was the only thing I kept. You can read about my other “fixes” herehere and here.

Winter ONEderland 1st Birthday Party on

We threw his birthday party 4 days before Christmas which is really crazy and not something I would really recommend but it was important to me to have a celebration for him that wasn’t rolled into a Christmas party. I went with a “Winter ONEderland” theme (see what I did there?) which was actually an idea that my friend had given me. I really wanted to avoid anything Christmasy (red, green, candy canes, etc.) and focus on winter blues and whites and snowflakes everywhere.

Also, let me start by saying I’m almost embarrassed to post these photos. They aren’t as great as they could be. They aren’t magazine quality. But I don’t care. I was rushing through them so that I could spend more time enjoying the moment. The table set up above isn’t even really quite complete but ehh…whatever.

Without further ado (or excuses), here are the details:


I served a chili bar to go with the “Winter ONEderland” theme. Get it? CHILI? Chilly? I made white chicken chili, red (tomato based) chili with beef, and a meat and bean red chili.  I used a TON of chicken, and 6 pounds of ground beef. I had enough chili to throw the party four or five times over but thankfully leftover chili tastes great and freezes even better. I provided guests with these toppings/accompaniments:

  • Three types of mini corn muffins (thanks Mom!)
  • Frito’s
  • Small tortilla chips
  • Oyster crackers
  • fresh cilantro leaves
  • green onions
  • extra sharp white cheddar cheese
  • sour cream
  • jalapenos
  • avocado chunks
  • lime slices


We aren’t really a pop or juice drinking family so if you come to a party at our house you’re probably out of luck in that department. I had three options for guests:

  • Lemonade (not pictured):
    • For the lemonade, I froze blueberries in ice cubes to go with the blue theme and to fancy it up a bit. Of course, I also had fancy paper straws because I’m obsessed with them.


  • Coffee
  • Water Bottles aka “Melted Snowmen” — I used this free printable to print off these labels. Print, cut, tape. Easy! Then I tied some baker’s twine around the neck of the bottle. Because I’m also obsessed with baker’s twine.




I had so much fun coming up with desserts for this party. They are all really simple and easy to make. I made up names for each of them and you have to use your imagination a little but I think it was fun. :)

  • Cupcakes and a smash cake for little man — they don’t have made up names because cake is cake. I just made white cake and a vanilla buttercream frosting. I wrapped an empty box to elevate them on the table a little.


  • “Icicles” (White chocolate dipped pretzel rods)


  • “Icebergs” (candy coated marshmallows)


  • “Snowballs” (Snowball cookies — I used this recipe from Land O’Lakes except I skipped the second roll around in powdered sugar. Because I forgot.)


  • “Little Snowflakes” (Puppy Chow! Recipe coming at some point, but you can Google for one in the meantime.)



  • For favors, I filled white gift bags with all sorts of winter themed goodies for the kids. Stickers, drawing pads, and even a Christmas ornament that they could decorate and hang on their tree. For the adults, I baked up some of my healthy banana bread (I added mini chocolate chips though!) in paper loaf pans decorated with snowflakes.


  • In terms of decorations, I’d say the dessert/beverage table was the main “decoration.” I also had paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling fan and lights. The photos don’t do it justice but it was pretty. They are actually still hanging up and I might just hang them up every winter.




N loved his cake! (It’s no IGLOO cake but hey…you win some and you lose some.) At first he thought it was just a toy and kept sticking his fingers in it. E kept shouting, “Eat this, N!” Once I moved his finger to his mouth, he got the idea and there was no stopping him.




So that’s that! Little man is ONE. Now excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Someone work on freezing time for me, k?

If you want to pin this party, feel free to use the image below. It’s all my crappy photos rolled into one crappy collage. What more could you want in life?

Winter ONEderland Birthday Party -- an fun and easy birthday party theme on

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  2. What a fun party. I love how happy he looks with his very own cake (I’d be equally as happy…)!

  3. SO adorable. Great job lady :)

  4. Wow, so creative! What a great party! :)

  5. Love it! He’s such a cutie, Happy Birthday!

  6. Ok…HOLD THE PHONE….this is absolutely GORGEOUS! I mean the whole set up, the signs, everything…I just love it! I’m definitely going to be bookmarking this post. Even though I don’t have any kids yet, this is such a great idea. And I don’t know what you could possibly mean by not magazine quality, because these photos should be in a magazine :)

  7. I feel like bloggers always preach that people shouldn’t compare themselves with others. I feel like you compared yourself with Fabtastic Eats and her party. You did a great job with the party. I just wish the post had a better attitude about it. Seems like mothers are always trying to one up each other, especially for 1st bday parties. I am not a parent but it sure does scare me for the future. Is motherhood really so much about comparing yourself and one upping others?
    You did an awesome job on the party! Hope you can see that. Your son is never going to remember how fancy the cake was at his 1st bday party or future parties. He will remember the love he felt.

    • I agree — we always say we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other but I think we’re preaching to ourselves as much as we’re preaching to others! Ha! But in all seriousness, I’m sorry the post came off that way. It’s truly partially due to my dry/sarcastic sense of humor – I was more laughing at myself more than being hard on myself. Seriously! Alaina of Fabtastic Eats is one of my best blogging buds (becoming real life friend hopefully soon!) and it was a total coincidence that we threw parties with the same theme. I loved reading about hers and was seriously impressed with her igloo cake but I’m very happy with how my party turned out and like I said in the post, I know my photos aren’t the greatest but it truly is because I didn’t spend a lot of time on them. I was busy spending time with my family and friends (and most importantly watching my little man enjoy his party!) and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
      Thank you for the kind words! And no need to be scared for the future. Sounds like you’ll be a great mom. :)

  8. What a great theme for a December birthday party! Love it! You are so creative!

  9. So precious! I adore that family photo up top. You look gorgeous and your family looks so adorable!

  10. omgosh so cuuute-my heart melts!! Love this party too!

  11. This is just about the cutest party ever! I can’t believe he is already 1!

  12. What a fun birthday party theme for the little one! You have a beautiful family :)

    Happy Blogging!

  13. This is the cutest party ever. Amazing how much work and thought you put into it! I made a Cake Boss birthday for my daughter a couple of years ago and I literally spent 7 days baking mini tiered cakes with buttercream frosting and fondant! What we will do for our babies :)

  14. oh my gosh! This is so fantastic! I love love loooove that you “named” all your desserts with winter themes! Its all so perfect and beautiful!! You’re sooo creative! I love the banana bread loaves for adults, you thought of everything! Seriously, I love the whole thing so much! So beautiful!

  15. Love love love this theme!! You are so cute and crafty- love the melted snowmen!! Can you come decorate for Jacob’s party?? PS that igloo cake was off the charts.

  16. love what you did here. very nice birthday party :)

  17. What a gorgeous family! This party is so special Rachel. I don’t know how you found time to do it, but every touch is just perfect. Happy (belated) Birthday N!!

  18. Such a clever theme – and he is ridiculously cute!

  19. Oh my gosh!! This is too cute!! I’ve been starting to loosely plan Logan’s bday…I know it will comes so fast. Love that you did a theme, my hubby thinks I’m crazy for wanting a theme! Ugh men LOL

  20. What a fun party. You get to plan one around Christmas each year and I get to deal with Thanksgiving. I don’t think we planned this very well.

    Love, love, love the theme and the cute family.

  21. Oh my goodness, I love this! You did an amazing job! And you have such a beautiful family :)

  22. You did a great job with the party!! What a beautiful theme and he looks so happy and too cute! Great party :)

  23. What an adorable party theme….not to mention an adorable family! I cannot believe he is ONE! Time flies!

  24. You did a great job with your theme. Your pictures are great too! Happy Birthday to your little ONE-der!

  25. very nice!

    I recognize the stampin’ up snowflake stamps–I have that set–and, is that a princess house pitcher, if so, I have that, too!

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